10 JumpCrew Tips to Accelerate Your Business

What does it mean to “grow your business?” There are several areas where a business can grow- revenue, brand awareness, client base, suppliers, employee count, number of locations, square footage, pageviews, online followers, etc. Accelerate your company’s growth with these ten tips from the JumpCrew team. 1. Culture "Company culture is everything. Hiring the [...]

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7 Insider Tips for Building Your Social Media Presence

With 86% of Americans online today, it’s vital for businesses to have a social media presence. Social media allows business owners to connect with current and potential customers by opening the doors to conversation and information. But building your brand’s social media presence can be intimidating. How do you get started? Here are seven [...]

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Looking to Jump Start Your Career?

It's Networking Time in Nashville.   Join us on June 22nd from 5:30-7:30pm We're hosting a casual networking event for anyone who wants to break into Music City's technology scene. Throughout the night, executives from high growth companies will share how they grew their careers. This is a great chance to meet one-on-one with [...]

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’Setting’ Your Home Improvement Marketing Strategy

Home improvement projects are expensive with long buying cycles, and lots of research.  Consumers take longer with these purchases because they want to feel confident in a service before investing in a company for home renovation. According to Synchrony Financial, people spend an average of 108 days researching home improvement companies before making a [...]

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5 Easy Photo Sharing Tips That Will Boost Your Page’s Engagement

Are you using pictures to enhance your company’s social media pages? If not, you’re missing a major opportunity to improve your brand. In today’s world of smartphones, photos are everywhere. Whether we are taking snapshots of our food, our friends, our scenery, or selfies, we are all taking and sharing pictures. Research by eMarketer [...]

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Recruiting the Best & Brightest: Discover How to Use Social Media in Your Recruitment Strategy

Woody Allen once said, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” Recruiters should take this statement to heart when using social media as a recruitment strategy. If you add “with a purpose,” then Allen's quote becomes a full-fledged guideline that recruiters can follow and build on. Creating a solid plan for recruiting on social [...]

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How Social Media Changed Word-of-Mouth Marketing

In the world of marketers, trust is a scarce commodity. Most people have an inherently skeptical view of marketing, because they don’t know the people behind the product. Getting people to trust you is no small task, but the most effective way to convince people you’re running a reliable business is through word-of-mouth marketing. [...]

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