10 JumpCrew Tips to Accelerate Your Business

What does it mean to “grow your business?” There are several areas where a business can grow- revenue, brand awareness, client base, suppliers, employee count, number of locations, square footage, pageviews, online followers, etc. Accelerate your company’s growth with these ten tips from the JumpCrew team. 1. Culture "Company culture is everything. Hiring the [...]

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15 Social Media Posts for Every Staffing Firm

With 79% of job seekers incorporating social media into their job search, it’s imperative for staffing agencies to uphold their social media presence. 18.4 million professionals credit Facebook for leading them to their current job. Especially for businesses, each social network has a different purpose and audience. Your content and online networks are an [...]

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

Digital marketing has become the new face of marketing. Marketing has always been about connecting with your audience in the right place, at the right time. Today, that place is online. Because online trends are ever-changing, we’ve gathered the top 5 most important digital marketing strategies businesses owners should be implementing into their 2017 [...]

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Tips For Improving SEO With Social Media

Social Media Can Turn Into SEO Gold. Between 2010 and 2012 localized SEO results were listed directly in SERPs to organize data while offering new advertising opportunities. This was done by displaying results while a query is being typed out. Additionally, social media’s influence began to drive results derived from social engagement. In this [...]

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Consumer Buying Steps to a Major Purchase

Today, the buying process for major purchases has been completely transformed due to the excess of research available online. Consumers spend an average of 63 days researching a product before making a buying decision. These major purchases include appliances, home improvement, electronics, jewelry, furniture, automobiles, and any other purchases that require research before commitment. [...]

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’Setting’ Your Home Improvement Marketing Strategy

Home improvement projects are expensive with long buying cycles, and lots of research.  Consumers take longer with these purchases because they want to feel confident in a service before investing in a company for home renovation. According to Synchrony Financial, people spend an average of 108 days researching home improvement companies before making a [...]

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