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Why Instagram?

Instagram is growing 5x’s faster than overall social network usage in the U.S. There are currently 500 million monthly active users, making it the 2nd most popular channel by usage. Actually, over the last two years, it’s user base has grown over 300 percent. This is a channel that is certainly set to grow event more, over the next couple of years.

But there’s more to Instagram than just beautiful and memorable images. You also need a strategy to help grow your Instagram followers.

Channel demographic facts

As a small business, your attention is focused on growing your customer base and identifying your potential demographics. With social channels, like Instagram, your opportunity to reach that audience is unprecedented. Instagram boast that 28% of adult internet users are on Instagram and 55% of millennials use Instagram, if either of these demographics are your target buyer, the time to be on Instagram is now.

Why it’s important for SMB’s to be on

If you are a small business with a physical location, a recent study found that adding a location tag to your Instagram post can increase engagement by 79%. This is just one small step in your Instagram strategy, but an incredibly important one. With a third of ALL mobile phone users visiting Instagram at least once a month, and sharing images of their daily experiences, your need to be discovered by them is crucial.

Here at JumpCrew, we understand Instagram for Small Businesses. Our team of social media managers is dedicated and trained to create a presence of engaging content and increasing your discoverability. We understand targeting, optimization, social visibility, and crafting an online message that is uniquely yours.

Why JumpCrew?


We have one focus, social media marketing for small businesses. As a client of JumpCrew, you have a dedicated account manager to your business and social media marketing.


Increasing your exposure through Instagram requires a certain amount of precision, consistency, and understanding. Our team spends their time researching your industry’s trends and news to adequately communicate in your voice and to do so in a consistent manner that will lead to your brands exposure and discoverability.

Saved Time

We consistently hear from small businesses that time is the number one reason most small businesses are not as active on social media as they would like to be. JumpCrew allows you to focus on the work that matters most to your business. While you’re managing employees, writing menu’s, managing finances, picking out paint colors, and all that you do to make your business a staple in the community, we’ll take the pressure off trying to figure out what to post on Instagram.

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