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Why Yelp?

These days, online reviews are high coveted. They are also highly trusted, a recent study found that 88% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. On the flip side of that, Only 14% of consumers said they would use a business with 2 star reviews.

There are 26,380 Yelp reviews posted every minute and with reviews producing an average of 18% uplift in sales, there is a lot at risk if you do not respond or have an active Yelp presence. Harvard Business Review found in a recent study that a one star increase is worth a 5-8% increase in revenue, estimate what that is in real figures for your business and determine if Yelp is right for you. Our guess is the answer is yes!

Channel demographic facts

In Yelp, it’s all about the reviews and your profile. As a small business, every opportunity for discovery is an important one and with 145 million monthly visitors, you’ll want to take the time to establish yourself on this all important platform. From optimizing your profile to replying to reviews, the benefits are impressive and near necessary. A recent search found that replying to reviews effects your search rankings. By replying, you improve the SEO ranking of the review and help the review show up in search results. Even more importantly, Google takes into account a business’ presence on Yelp, the number of reviews, and how positive they are. Make sure your profile is up to standards and you are in a position to reply.

Why it’s important for SMB’s to be on

Small Businesses have the advantage when it comes to Yelp. Harvard Business Review also that found local restaurants saw a significant bump in revenue when their rating improved. However, chains did not. As a small business, this should be an important element to your marketing strategy to take on the big chain stores and to gain the advantage. Yelp, used properly, can significantly increase your revenue.

Here at JumpCrew, we understand Yelp for Small Businesses. Our team of social media managers is dedicated and trained to create a presence of engaging content and increasing your discoverability. We understand targeting, optimization, social visibility, and crafting an online message that is uniquely yours.

Why JumpCrew?


We have one focus, social media marketing for small businesses. As a client of JumpCrew, you have a dedicated account manager to your business and social media marketing.


Increasing your exposure through Yelp requires a certain amount of precision, consistency, and understanding. Our team spends their time researching your industry’s trends and news to adequately communicate in your voice and to do so in a consistent manner that will lead to your brands exposure and discoverability.

Saved Time

We consistently hear from small businesses that time is the number one reason most small businesses are not as active on social media as they would like to be. JumpCrew allows you to focus on the work that matters most to your business. While you’re managing employees, writing menu’s, managing finances, picking out paint colors, and all that you do to make your business a staple in the community, we’ll take the pressure off trying to figure out what to post on Yelp.

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