4 Lead Generation Myths – SOLVED!

Lead generation can be a complicated part of any company’s sale process, even for the most established businesses. The way that lead generation ties into marketing, customer service, and sales can become confusing, which often leads to myths being formed about the process.

While sales reps are in fact often responsible for bringing in new business, it’s almost impossible for any company to make sales without successfully and consistently generating leads.

If you recognize some of your company’s lead generation tactics on this list, it may be time to take a look at your current strategy and reconfigure a new plan.

Myth #1: The more leads generated, the more money earned.

It is easy for many people to assume that generating more leads results in making more money, but that isn’t always the case. Striving for quantity over quality is a sure way to waste your time and resources and not see the results you are hoping for.

The goal should be to focus on quality leads and then align your sales and marketing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to see how the marketing leads are moving through the sales funnel.  Another important KPI to view the channels the marketing leads are converting through.

Myth #2: Lead forms should always be short.

When it comes to collecting information from customers, we tend to assume that less is more. While each and every company’s lead forms will be different, it is important that the correct information is being collected for the right reasons.

If a customer is filling out a form to learn more about insurance, they are more likely to fill out a lengthier form than if they were inquiring about purchasing a toaster oven. You can also assume that if a potential customer is taking the time to fill out a longer form, they can be considered a high-quality lead.

If you provide a shorter form, you may receive a high volume of leads, but they may be lower quality. One way around this is bump-in-the-road is to incrementally collect information with “progressive forms.”

The key to website form success is to figure out the optimal form length and questions for your industry. Be sure to A/B test to find the most successful method, length, and questions.

Myth #3: It doesn’t matter what you offer in exchange for a lead.

Companies often believe that giving away anything for free is a good enough incentive for customers to provide their information. Sure, most people would like a free t-shirt or water bottle, but just because someone inputs their name and email address to receive one doesn’t mean they will automatically become a valued customer.

To generate higher quality leads, it’s important to offer something of value.  Ideally the “lead magnet” relates to your industry or business, and educates the prospect during their buying process.  The “lead magnet” and marketing messaging/channels need to align with where the person is in their purchasing decisions- awareness, evaluation, and purchase stages.

Myth #4: Leads will automatically appear if you have a website.

Just because you have built a beautiful website doesn’t mean that leads and website visitors will automatically find you. Taking the time to develop a targeted marketing plan that includes your ideal customer is essential to getting the right people to come to you.

It’s critical to ensure that your lead generation plan aligns with the information on your website, blog, sales support materials, and the materials provide a compelling reason for your customers to visit and stay to learn more about your company.

It’s also important to make sure your website is optimized for the major search engines while considering both on and off page SEO.

Generating leads is one of the most important aspects of growing your business. A well-developed multichannel lead generation plan can help bring you to your full business potential while building brand awareness.

Contact us today or more information on how to take your lead generation strategies to the next level, and to learn which techniques are right for your specific business.

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