The JumpCrew Marketing team had the privilege of attending the 2019 Hero Conference in Philadelphia on April 23-25. Hero Conf is produced by Hanapin Marketing, the creators of PPC Hero, and is made for paid search and social enthusiasts. The 8th annual US conference was composed of 44 sessions and 500+ digital marketing nerds eager to learn about the latest industry trends in PPC. Below, we compiled our top 4 takeaways from this year’s conference.

Reddit Is PPC’s Best-Kept Secret

Who knew that Reddit is an untapped goldmine when it comes to PPC? Director of Digital Media at Effective Spend, Paula Thompson, covered the basics of Reddit along with tips and tricks to help first-timers get started with advertising on the platform. With its cheap inventory, low competition and highly engaged audience, it’s quite shocking that no one is advertising on Reddit.

Given that Reddit is so unique, advertising there should not be treated the same as Facebook or Google. Sponsored content can be both upvoted and downvoted, so it’s very important that you keep your advertising niche and relevant to both the channel and audience. Additionally, after much testing, Thompson can conclude that sending Reddit users to a form or a landing page is not ideal. She mentioned that speaking Reddit lingo (i.e. TL;DR, FTFY, does anyone else, etc.) and offering users an exclusive deal before collecting their lead info can go a long way.

With 330 million users–who are 3x (!!) more engaged than those on Facebook–we’ll definitely be launching ad campaigns on Reddit in the near future.

Boost Your Brand And Bottom Line With Instagram Ads

With over 1 billion users globally, Instagram is an obvious advertising platform that marketers should be taking advantage of and utilizing for their clients.

Akvile DeFazio, the presenter for this topic, specifically focused on video ads for both Instagram Stories and Instagram Feed. According to DigiDay, 85% of Facebook ads are watched without sound. With that being said, it’s imperative that when we launch video ads we go beyond the captions–messaging should be clear with or without the added benefit of sound.

But the biggest takeaway from the presentation had to be the upcoming opportunities that we should begin strategizing for: Instagram Checkout, Instagram Branded Content, and IGTV.

Instagram Checkout is a feature that launched on March 19th and caters to organic posts. The selling fee, which is undisclosed at this time, charges the merchants instead of the consumers. It is predicted that this will also be available for ads in the future, appearing in Story, Feed, and Explore.

Instagram Branded Content uses existing organic posts as ads. If you’ve seen success with organic Instagram posts, you can promote them. IGTV is another big marketing opportunity, acting as Instagram’s extended video service. Videos can be anywhere from 15 seconds to 10 minutes (60 minutes if you are a verified or larger account). It is a great way for people to showcase other dimensions of their business without being limited to shorter content.

Sales & Marketing Alignment + Customer Journey = Growth 

A key component for achieving and exceeding growth goals is conducting weekly sales & marketing alignment meetings while delighting your audience with a personal journey.

Everybody that attended the ‘Paid Marketing and Sales Alignment’ hosted by Sahil Jain walked away knowing how to strengthen the crucial departmental relationships. The foundation is built on having defined KPIs (key performance indicators) and a service level agreement (SLA).  The KPIs will shed light on a healthy, or unhealthy, pipeline; the SLA will define how the team nurtures the prospects that are moving through the sales funnel. Having these conversations will bridge any communication gaps or assumptions either team might have.

Pro tip: Capture and report the UTM parameters for converted sales/leads. Today’s CRMs require some customization to harness this valuable conversion data and are worth the investment.

Want to improve your customer journey and lower customer acquisition costs (CAC)?

It all starts with the first click and requires marketers to tailor the user experience to the individual. This requires ad copy verbiage and tone to carry all the way through to the landing page. Tyson Quick’s breakout session on ‘Leveraging Advertising Audience Data to Maximize Conversions with 1:1 Post-Click Personalization’ confirmed a lot of our beliefs of personalizing the prospect’s journey and inspired us to take our personalization one step further in pursuing a better internet.

Tailoring the messaging to the end-user is a proven way to accelerate the sales cycle, increase conversion rates and lower acquisition costs–a triple win.  

Pro tip: Test the page layout before the verbiage–every audience is different and has different content consumption preferences.

Leveraging Geography For PPC Marketing

PPC Hero Summit was incredible, it was great to network, debate and learn tips and trends. Our team at JumpCrew was invited (thank you Instapage!) down to attend, and we couldn’t pass on the opportunity.

Serving ads based on geolocation will advance your influence within PPC. Carrie Albright’s session on location-based targeting goes to show that there are so many ways to deliver a personalized experience to consumers.

Humans are changing the way they search and it’s important to pivot strategies with them. In just two years people have dropped the search query “near me” when looking for something nearby because they have assumed their devices know their geolocation. Make sure your PPC campaign is optimized for the latest trends in search.

There are so many factors that an advertiser needs to take into consideration when creating geolocation ads:

  • Is there a physical relevance? (Brick-and-mortar store)
  • Will a local capacity affect business? (like selling a home)
  • How is your overall revenue impacted by location? (some locations have more ROI).

All of those questions will reveal the best way to allocate spend. But make sure to also gather data by looking internally, talk to the sales team, look at revenue by location, and review Google Analytics–GA gives insight into where consumers are coming from to target them properly.

It’s important to deliver the right content, at the right time, in the right location to drive the right conversion. Leveraging Geography for PPC is crucial for campaign success.

Until next year, Hero Conference.

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