4 SaaS Lead Generation Tactics Every Marketer Needs to Know

Ask any B2B marketer, and they’ll tell you their number one challenge is generating leads. The only KPI that comes close would be improving lead quality, but even that can only be addressed once a certain number of leads are coming through the proverbial door.

Overcoming the lead gen hurdle can be challenging, but all SaaS companies have one common goal: building a sales funnel that generates leads and nurtures them into qualified opportunities for sales.

Luckily, digital marketing has matured to a point where there’s a pretty reliable playbook that any SaaS marketer can pull from when they need to generate leads.

Here are four of the most effective plays for growing businesses.

1: Co-marketing

Companies collaborating on marketing efforts for a co-branded offer can yield substantial leads. With both companies promoting an offer or product and sharing the results of their joint effort, each company can benefit in a multitude of ways.

Co-marketing efforts are designed not only to deliver more leads but also spark new discussions and increase brand awareness. This partnership helps to build, expand, and excite audiences for each company.

A few proven-effective approaches to incorporate into a co-marketing partnership are downloadable content, such as eBooks or white papers, and guest posts.

Finding the right company to partner with is key when it comes to benefiting from this strategy. Be sure to consider the competitive overlap for any potential partners, as well as the amount of effort you’ll ask them to put forth.

Most companies are pretty receptive to co-marketing partnerships, so a simple call or email will usually be enough to get the conversation started. Just be sure to do your research and make sure the collaboration makes sense for everyone involved.


2: Paid Media

In the beginning, when organic web traffic is tough to come by, there’s really no replacement for a well-crafted paid media campaign. Whether it’s Adwords, retargeting, and Facebook ads, paid media allows you to supercharge your lead generation without the time-consuming investment in content marketing.

Paid social specifically can yield great leads by targeting specific markets and individuals on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter with sponsored ads and updates. Determine which networks will be most effective by researching where your ideal audience spends most of their time.

It may not sound groundbreaking, but paid media is one of the most effective means of lead generation you have at your disposal.


3: Host and Attend Events

Attending events, conferences, and trade shows is not only beneficial to your professional network, but also your lead funnel. Typically, these events incur a cost, so only truly interested parties are in attendance.

It’s all about face-to-face interaction. Though it’s not a typical sales environment, you have the chance to get ahead in the sales cycle by bypassing the gatekeeper and getting some quality face-time with people you know are in your target market.

This face-to-face interaction gives you the upper hand in getting verbal “yeses” and yes queues.


4: Conversion Rate Optimization

For SaaS companies, the majority of your lead generation tactics will be through digital mediums. That means you have the opportunity to improve your tactics through conversation rate optimization (CRO).

In a nutshell, conversion rate optimization refers to getting more out of the traffic you already have by examining the performance of your past campaigns and testing new ideas to improve the results.

Research is key. Investigate where the activity is highest on the site, what’s causing visitors to click away, and what’s prompting them to move further through the site.

In those high activity areas, place a call to action button. Clearly define the next step for the customer. Whether that’s a form submission, a social share, content download, an email sign up, or a phone call, encourage the customer to take that next step with confidence.


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