Are you using pictures to enhance your company’s social media pages? If not, you’re missing a major opportunity to improve your brand.

In today’s world of smartphones, photos are everywhere. Whether we are taking snapshots of our food, our friends, our scenery, or selfies, we are all taking and sharing pictures.

Research by eMarketer found that photos account for 75 percent of Facebook posts worldwide. Even better, sharing photos on Twitter can increase retweets by 35 percent!

This fad of surplus imagery gives you an exciting opportunity to connect with your online network, while showcasing your brand in an appealing and unique way.

Posting images can also be intimidating.

You’re faced with a number of questions before you post:

  • “What’s the goal?”
  • “Is this appropriate?”
  • “What will represent my business in an appropriate way?”
  • “How much is too much?”

Here are a few photo sharing tips to keep in mind that will boost your page’s engagement.

1: This isn’t your personal page: it’s your business page.

This one should be common knowledge. Everything you post from your business page will help people distinguish your brand from not only your personal page, but also from your competition.

Pictures on your business account should look different and serve a different purpose than pictures you would post on your personal page.

No, they don’t have to be formal, but they do need to be professional. Anything you would not proudly show a client should never be posted online.

2: Represent your brand.

All pictures that you post should have one thing in common – your brand. Whether the photo reflects a typical day at the office, a networking event, or an employee of the month, you want to it to show the best side of your business.

Think of three words to describe your brand. For JumpCrew, I think of collaboration, diligence, and growth. These three words are very representative of our culture, as well as our brand.

This photo on our Instagram page captures the last of those three words: growth. We’re a high-growth company, so we’re moving into a bigger space!

You want to capture moments that accentuate your company’s essence. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

3: Put some thought into it.

Nothing looks more unprofessional than a blurry photograph.

Ask yourself these questions before posting:

  • “How’s the lighting? Is the subject of the photo clear?”
  • “Do I need to crop out any distractions?”
  • “How could I make this look better?”

Try some filters on for size. Every now and then, a classic black and white photo can really stand out and give your post a different look. Get creative and have fun, but don’t go crazy.

Remember the goal is to showcase your business, not your photo-editing skills.

4: Make your pictures shareable.

One of the best ways to broaden your online network is to create shareable content. Content is shareable when it’s interesting and relevant to your audience.

Chances are not too many people care what your break room looks like — unless it’s got a wall of candy dispensers or has someone famous sipping coffee in it.

Think of topics that your audience would like to engage with in some way. A few good examples of engaging content include events, local organizations, company announcements, and useful information.

For example, Jeni’s posted a reminder about their event in Chicago while using some great photos of waffles and ice cream to make the post shareable. Who wouldn’t want to see that in their feed?

Not only will creative content encourage people to share your posts, but it will also help build a relationship between you and your online community.

A few more tips for making a picture shareable:

  • Try to post a picture that will resonate with your audience emotionally.
  • Keep the image simple. Most people will view it on their phones, so the photo should be easy to understand.
  • Mix up the type of photos you post. Keep it fresh so people will check your page to see what’s new.

5: Emphasize That You’re Local.

Small and locally-owned businesses are thriving in today’s market, because people want to shop at places that are close to their homes and part of their community.

Sharing photos of your neighborhood or city will attract the attention of people in your area and increase the likelihood that they’ll interact with your content. They might even tag their friends.

As you can see below, Jackalope used a snowstorm to connect with locals in Music City. The post got a good amount of attention, and Jackalope showed they’re experiencing the same thing as everyone else in the city.

To establish your local credentials, feature members of your organization and community in your pictures. Engage with your neighborhood (and neighbors) in some meaningful way.

Whether it’s dinner at the local pizza shop, or a snapshot with a valued customer, this will build goodwill with fellow businesses as well as with local customers.

Sharing pictures is a brilliant way to keep your current online community engaged while bringing in new consumers.  You don’t want to overload your followers with 10 pictures a day, but including photos in most of your posts is a best practice.

By publishing the right content, you’ll showcase the best aspects of your business, and create a closer connection with your audience.


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