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Use these tips to unearth the best media mix on social media for your business.

Follow these tips to unearth the premier social media mix for your business.

Variety is a powerful marketing tool and that applies to your social media mix. Posting different forms of media keeps followers intrigued and interested, while always promoting the possibility for new followers to join. It also diversifies the social prowess, showing followers that the business is indeed an expert in their field.  Planning your social media marketing strategy will help you find the right mix for your business.

Here are 6 surefire tips to uncover the perfect social media mix, for any business.

1. Use Pictures

The best way to garner attention through social media is visual. Having a good picture that is instantly recognizable, with an image that relates to your business helps increase responses, while also giving a visual representation of the business. Whether the picture is funny, stunning, or simple, visual posts add unique content to a business’ social media mix.

When someone hears information, our brains will only retain 10% of that information. However, if that same information is paired with a picture, you will typically remember 65%.

Besides the typical picture, a few specific types of images to which audiences respond well include:

  • Memes
  • Infographics
  • Art images

The frequency of utilizing pictures in a business post is around three times per week.

2. Incorporate Blog Posts

Blog posts are the one form of content in your media mix that can –  and usually does encompass every form of media. A blog post is informational, it links back to the business’ blog, it incorporates backlinks, and sometimes, it even has a video.

If carefully crafted, blog posts are a wonderful addition to a business’ media mix.

However, too much of a good thing often causes it to lose its luster. Due to the wealth of information they contain, blog posts should be revered as special content and therefore, they should only be posted once a week, or possibly less if there is only quality content curated every two weeks or monthly. Regardless, every time a blog post is shared, it should be full of fresh content.

3. Create Videos

Videos represent 74% of all internet traffic; this statistic was documented in a report by KPCB and illustrates the importance of adding videos to a business’ media mix.

Videos are always fun. They can incorporate a wealth of information in thirty seconds and it can be done creatively and uniquely. It is the best of all media worlds. It is timely, efficient, and is easily adapted to be informational.

Additionally, posting videos once a month is a great way to allow the lifespan of each video to reach its full potential.

4. Share Quotes

Quotes, especially if they are from high-profile individuals, that pertain to the business are true diamonds in the rough. They are powerful statements that tend to stick with those that interact with the post.

Quotes are popular because they are easily consumable and often evoke an immediate emotional response.  

Quotes can be enhanced with a picture, but if it is enticing enough, it will generate a significant amount of interest all on its own.

5. Text Only Status Updates

Status updates, in this case, are simply a line or two of text that says something exciting. There is no picture attached and no link. There is simply a statement and for this form of media to work to a business’ advantage at all, the content should be highly interesting.

The frequency of this kind of post should be random, almost as though off the cuff or something that was just announced or confirmed.

Even if the social networker took a lot of time perfecting it, the regular status update should appear to be a quick update and an easy read.

6. Utilize Events

Posting events, as part of your media mix on social, tend to get a lot of attention. This is the truest form of being able to bring a business’ digital followers together for a real-time interaction.

Event posts are also fun and even if it isn’t a physical event, (ex: online book launch or digital Q&A session) the ability to create enthusiasm is still clear.

However, these posts should be reserved for special events. If a business hosts an event every day or every week, regardless of the intrigue of the event, people will tire of hearing about it.

So, with events, it is important to focus on the most engaging events that will get your followers excited enough about it that they want to share and engage others.

In conclusion, any successful social marketing strategy includes a plan that will ensure that you don’t post too much of one type of media.  Utilizing a content calendar will allow you to see the number of posts you have scheduled and what the media mix is for these posts. Planning monthly will help you ensure you have a balanced mix to keep your followers engaged.

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