What does it take to create a team of successful and professional salespeople?

Finding individuals with the perfect qualities is the first step. Identifying these salesperson characteristics required for success in the sales industry can help determine if you have the right team to help guide you there. It can be tough to find the right individuals for the job, but by following an outline that includes these 7 qualities can help you identify and hire sales candidates that will be best for your overall business strategies and goals.

1. They are confident

Confidence is key when making a sale. A salesperson must be confident not only with what they are selling but also with themselves.  They must be able to confidently explain how and why your product or service will provide the customer with exactly what they are looking for.

2. They care about the customer

It’s important that a salesperson genuinely cares about your customers’ wants and needs. While meeting goals and numbers are important, it should not be the only thing they care about. Your customers want to feel like your company as a whole cares about the relationship you have with them and that you are providing an excellent service or product to them, not just taking their money.

3. They are extroverted

Generally speaking, some of the best salespeople are ones who are extroverted. This means they are sociable and enjoy spending time with other people and easily start a conversation. They should be excited about meeting new people and not only talk about your company, but also be able to connect with customers on a more personal level.

4. They are a good listener

While it is important that a salesperson is a good speaker, it also equally as important that they are a good listener. They must be able to listen to what your customers are really saying in order to know how to respond and show them why your company is the solution to their problem.  It’s key to be able to ask the right questions at the right time during the sales cycle, and then listening to your customer’s answers.

5. They are persistent

A successful salesperson does not give up easily. Persistence must be done in a respectful and consistent way for the determination to lead to a sale. Your salesperson needs to be willing to connect with potential customers several times, during different days and times of the week, to see results. Whether it’s trying to set up a meeting, or finalizing a contract, they need to be willing to work hard and keep trying until they reach the goal. Remember, closers’ don’t pay attention to the time of day.

6. They are resilient

While being persistent is key, there also must be a balance of being resilient. Every salesperson will be faced with challenges such as not getting ahold of a decision maker, working with difficult individuals, coming across obstacles that delay the sale or ultimately losing a sale. It’s important that instead of getting beaten down by rejection, they take it as a personal challenge to succeed with the next prospect.

7. They are focused

As with most other careers, it’s crucial for your salesperson to possess strong focus. While every day could be different, with distractions everywhere, individuals who understand what they need to do in order to be successful are ones who you want on your team.  They have a strong understanding of their goals, and the company’s, and understand how the two are related.

The ideal salesperson will possess a blend of these characteristics and show that they’re willing to go above and beyond for the growth of the company.  The persistence of a top salesperson means meeting with a prospect or client during off hours or staying late to connect with a prospect in a different time zone.

Top salespeople understand what motivates their prospects by engaging and listening to them while providing concise and knowledgeable information. They value their relationships by following up with prospects and customers on a regular basis and are regularly exceeding their goals.

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