Avoid these eight Facebook mistakes to keep a Facebook business page plentiful and fruitful.

Facebook is an essential part of any business’ social marketing strategy. It helps a business communicate with their customers on a large scale, helps to promote its brand and adds legitimacy to a business.

Therefore, the way that a business interacts on Facebook is essential for their success.

Here are eight Facebook mistakes that are driving followers away:

1. Going Facebook Postal

Oversharing is frowned upon by many social interactions and the same goes for digitally sharing. If a business inundates their followers with superfluous posts, the posts will start to be regarded as spam. According to Forbes, the ideal amount of posts for accounts with under 10k followers should be between five and ten times per month. This is a good balance to discover the potential reach for the business, without testing the patience of the business’ current followers.

2. Dead Space

Alternatively, while oversharing is considered spamming, not posting enough is also a major mistake that can drive followers away. After all, the followers that subscribed to the page did so because they were interested in what the business has to share. If a business doesn’t post enough (or at all) within a few weeks or a month, the content that is already on the page becomes stale quickly and the page loses its luster. There is nothing worse than having a period of dead space on a business page; it gives the impression that the business doesn’t care.

3. Making It All About You

Of course, it is important – and expected – for a business to post their own content and about their own products. But if the business never shares anything else, from anyone else, it is seen as bad form. Social networking is supposed to be exactly that; networking. By sharing interesting, relevant content from other sources, the business is showing that they are trying to educate their followers, instead of simply trying to sell them something. So, if there is an article that the business owner or social poster finds interesting, or that is related to the industry, share it, so that your followers can enjoy the content too.

4. Hitting Snooze on Content

A business Facebook page can easily become the history class where the teacher only reads from the textbook. It can be boring, useless, and uneventful. Or, it can become an adventure, with hidden clues in every post. While businesses don’t have to recreate The Da Vinci Code throughout their social marketing tactics, they should try to make every post intriguing. The business owner should be excited about their business, so it’s important that they share that excitement with their followers.

5. Not Embracing the Negative

With a Facebook post, you are the king (or queen) of your domain. You have the power to keep any content you want, and you have the power to banish any content you want. However, that doesn’t mean that you should. When it comes to negativity, a business will garner far more respect if they respond to a negative comment or review in an insightful, friendly manner. Remember, social media is the epitome of customer service, where everything can be documented, and nothing really goes away. So, while it might be out of your sight, that doesn’t mean it is out of the mind of your followers and could surface somewhere else if the business doesn’t take a positive action immediately.

6. Ghosting Your Followers

No one likes to be led on and then ghosted, so why would a business do that to their followers? After posting to Facebook, make sure that the business stays involved in the conversation. If a follower asks a question, answer it. If there is a conversation sparked, weigh in an intelligent, informed response. Thank people for good reviews and address the bad ones.  Show followers that you are more than a figurehead by giving the business a personality that they can rely on.

7. Invading Personal Space

Private messaging, PMing, an ad or even an announcement is a big Facebook mistake in the social media world. It is invading your follower’s personal online space with an advertisement. No one wants to be the sleazy door to door salesman of the internet, so don’t stoop that low. Leave private messaging to private conversations.

8. Not Sticking to the Rules

Finally, one of the worst Facebook mistakes you can make as a business is violating the Facebook rules. This will get your account banned. It is essentially giving the page a time-out. However, during that period, the digital life goes on and when the page is reinstated, the reputation could be damaged or forgotten completely.

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