Black lives matter, and we stand with you.

At the founding level of JumpCrew, we’re committing to being part of the change. It’s not enough to be an equal opportunity employer or have basic HR policies against discrimination. We must do more.

A Message From The CEO

An email from CEO, Robert Henderson, to JumpCrew employees:

As I’m guessing many of us have, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to make sense of this horrible situation in which we find ourselves as a nation -- and genuinely asking myself where do we go from here? Simply saying nice things like, “this is terrible“ and, “we need to do better” will not fix the problem.

We really do need to do better.

Sitting and hoping that the world will change will not help; as individuals, we each possess the ability and power to change the world around us. We must take accountability to be positive forces during these challenging times. We must reject hate, racism, and oppression in our society.

There are things each of us can do:

  • Be kinder
  • Show more empathy
  • Educate ourselves
  • Provide opportunities to those who would otherwise not be afforded them
  • Most importantly, VOTE for Gov. representatives that align with your values

  • While sometimes we lose our way as individuals, groups, families, or even as a nation, I choose to believe that there is goodness in every single one of us. Let’s each take personal accountability for the world around us and fight to be positive forces for good.

    Change starts today, and change starts with us.

    Robert Henderson

    What We're Doing To Instill Change

    As part of our revision, we’re combing through our company and HR Policies and Procedures. To start, an Anti-Racism policy is being added to our company handbook. Current policies will be made complete with language and examples of micro-aggressions that violate each policy.

    Violations will not be tolerated in any channel in which we operate. These include our new Anti-Harassment, Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Sexual Harassment, ADA, and Violence in the Workplace policies. Our Talent Acquisition team is updating our procedures around sourcing, recruiting, hiring, and internal promotions, ensuring that job advertisements encourage minorities to apply and join JumpCrew.

    What We've Done Thus Far

    The JumpCrew leadership team held an all-hands meeting where the floor was opened to talk about the current events unfolding. All members of our executive team spoke as well as black employees that wanted to share. Hearing first hand about their experiences with racism and discrimination was extremely powerful and a message no one will forget. 

    To continue the dialogue and education around discrimination, we opened a slack channel called “#amplifyblackvoices”. Resources have been posted continuously since it’s creation.

    JumpCrew had a talent show planned that happened to take place during the weeks of protests. We decided that instead of canceling, we would hold the talent show and four of our executive leadership members pledged to match the grand prize, donating $1,000 each to NAACP. 

    JumpCrew's Position

    We believe in equality and commit to never stop working towards an equal workplace and world.