Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing establishes and nurtures a direct connection between your brand and target audience

Social media marketing creates a connection between your customers and your brand on the social media platforms where they are spending their time. Social media marketing allows you to tell the unique story of your business in a way that compels existing and potential customers to engage with your company. 

Social Media Management

Account Management

Our social media management team acts as an extension of your business and develop a deep understanding of your audience.


We handle all the heavy lifting, like posting, monitoring comments, and responding to questions.

Content Creation & Design

We combine data and creativity to publish content designed to grow your audience.

Facebook Advertising

We build, optimize and monitor your ads to help drive awareness to your brand.

Get Insight Directly from the Experts

Every month you can expect a call from your social media management team to talk through the previous month’s social media marketing analytics. We’ll discuss what worked, what didn’t work and what we think the posting and content strategy for next month should be. 

Software For Success

We've created an app so that collaborating with us and your team feels effortless.

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Distribute the app to anyone on your team and get your company involved.


Take a picture or upload one from your photo library to give your content calendar a personal touch.


Directly communicate with your social media management team about uploads and upcoming posts.

Download the JumpSocial App today and start managing your accounts from your mobile device.

Build Awareness

Drive Leads

Convert Sales