What do you get when you combine Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and a full roster of the world’s greatest basketball players on a single court? You get the Dream Team– a squad of all-star athletes who earned their name after an undefeated season and gold medal win at the 1992 Olympics. To this day, the Dream Team is often considered the greatest sports team ever assembled.

1992 dream team
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Although we aren’t all destined for Olympic greatness, the success of the Dream Team does prove a valid point: when you combine great talent with great leadership (RIP, Coach Chuck Daly), great things happen. The same applies to business. In order to run a successful company, you must make hiring and culture a top priority – if not the first.

At JumpCrew, we set (and met!) a company goal in early 2019 to hire 100 people in 100 days. We learned a lot about building a strong team and culture. Our hiring team is bringing their insights to the JumpCon stage to talk about all things hiring and culture, along with a few special guests from incredible companies like Dialpad, Ambition, and Salesforce.

Why Does Company Culture Even Matter?

For job seekers, work is no longer just about work. People want more than just the dream job–they want a dream culture to go with it. Everybody benefits from a healthy company culture. There are countless reasons why culture matters and why building a great team is invaluable.

Attract and retain top talent

Company culture can mean a lot of things, but it boils down to how engaged your employees are and how they feel about their place of work. An engaged employee is enthusiastic and fully absorbed in their work – and therefore more likely to stay in their role. Gallup reports that highly engaged businesses achieve 59% less turnover. Employers know that turnover is one of the most costly aspects of running a business–so keeping your talent in-house is key to helping your business thrive, as well as attracting prospective employees.

Happier people are more productive

According to Fast Company, happy employees are 12% more productive. It’s not a surprising stat: if you love what you do, you’re more likely to do it! There are dozens of ways to keep your employees happy, whether it’s free lunch on Fridays, company events (cc: our company talent show this summer, pictured below), or professional development opportunities. Even something as simple as creating a positive work environment by celebrating weekly wins can make all the difference.

strong company culture

Company talent show in May 2019. Sunglasses required.

A strong company culture gets noticed

Word of mouth goes a long way. If your company is filled with rock stars who are passionate and happy with their work, the world will notice. Your employees will sing the praises of your company in real life and online, helping you solidify your business’ identity as a positive one. And don’t forget that if your culture is on shaky ground, that won’t go unnoticed, either. If people are unhappy in their work, it’s pretty obvious to everyone around them. Take the time to invest in your culture and you will reap the benefits, both internally and externally.

How to Build a Great Team and Culture

So how do business owners, HR reps, and executives go about building their Dream Team? Hint: It’s not a simple task. Our mission to hire 100 people in 100 days wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. And we want to show you how we did it during our culture panel at JumpCon. Our very own Director of Talent Acquisition Ellie Bartholomew, who led the hiring charge, will discuss all things culture and team building. She’ll be joined by leaders from other thriving companies like Salesforce, Ambition, and Dialpad, who know a thing or two about building great teams. Let’s get to know them.


Salesforce company culture

If you haven’t heard of Salesforce, you may be living under a rock. The cloud-based software company and CRM system has transformed businesses worldwide and is worth more than a hefty $150 billion. They’re also one of the 200 businesses that are shifting away from the shareholder-first values system. You’ll get to hear how they handle company culture and what it took to scale to become one of the highest-valued businesses in the world.


AMbition company culture

Ambition is a sales operation and goals management solution that give sales leaders the tools they need to develop reps into stronger salespeople. By offering tools that measure performance insights, Ambition is all about empowering their clients and employees. During the panel, you’ll get the inside scoop on how they’re growing their team and maintaining a positive work environment.


Dialpad company culture

Here at JumpCrew, we use Dialpad for our internal communication. Dialpad makes it easier to communicate with both your teammates and clients through an efficient cloud phone system. They recently became a certified Great Place to Work and are committed to keeping it that way. Don’t miss an opportunity to hear this growing tech company talk about how they’re keeping up with changes during a heavy growth period and fostering a healthy company culture in the process.


If you’re growing your company and want to hire smart and fast without compromising on culture, this panel is for you. Grab a ticket to JumpCon today and get the resources you need to build your own Dream Team.


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