Christopher Boon is speaking at JumpCon, our inaugural Digital Sales Transformation Summit. The event is in Nashville “Music City” Tennessee. When is JumpCon taking place you ask?  On Thursday, October 24th, 2019.

Why JumpCon: The Sales Digital Transformation Summit

JumpCon was created to spread knowledge on integrating sales and marketing to drive revenue.

Why Christopher Boon?

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Christopher (or “Boon” as his friends call him) for years. He was a DJ and I used to breakdance at the parties he threw. A DJ and  BBOY is a perfect pairing.  Fast forward ten years and now we work together to help our clients develop their audiences and increase revenue. Boon is a highly driven, creative, entrepreneurial leader. With over two decades of success driving sales and marketing teams to generate sustainable growth, he’s an obvious choice for JumpCon. Christopher was part of the core marketing teams behind some of the most successful US consumer brands, including Red Bull and VitaminWater, before joining a few industry-leading B2B organizations focused on data strategy and audience intelligence.
Christopher currently leads the Enterprise Solutions Group for artificial intelligence (Ai) company, Dstillery, based in NYC, which has built a modeling engine to predict audience behaviors. Dstillery supports brand marketing programs, media campaigns, commercial real estate developments, mapping and location companies, as well as political campaign teams.

Why Dstillery?

“Why,” you may ask, would someone leave the glory that comes with managing big brands that have big budgets to start working at much smaller, much nerdier, B2B organizations focused on data and intelligence?
You’ll find out at JumpCon this October. For now, all we can tell you is that it’s a story that started at an illegal warehouse party in Brooklyn. Said event was attended by some of our industry’s top heroes who were robbed by some of the industry’s most infamous villains. The fight for truth ensued afterward, which is still going on today.

Getting to know Christopher Boon

We asked Christopher Boon three questions to help you get to know him.

Name one special thing about you that is not in your bio? I used to DJ full time when I was sponsored by RedBull and have performed all over the USA alongside a pretty nasty breakdancer named Brisk.

What would you love to chat about with conference attendees other than work?

  • The obsession w/privacy in Western countries
  • Well crafted sipping Rums from around the world, as well as any topic after having some well crafted sipping Rums from around the world
Why speak at JumpCon when you could be anywhere in the world?
Two words: Lavall Chichester. The lineup and agenda look great, I know it’s a place where we will be able to speak openly and candidly to learn quickly, and I know the conversation will be great all around. Plus, it’s in an awesome party town, so… duh.