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Our customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and services increase customer value and connection, giving the biggest bang for your CRM bucks.


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Why does a CRM matter to your company?

CRMs help companies collect and store valuable data about their customers and prospects.

Our Process

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Our audit masters work with your team to optimize your current CRM setup. If you don't have a CRM, we use this phase to analyze your needs and recommend the right CRM software solution.

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To design the full CRM stack, we map the data that needs to be tracked and the reports that need to be setup. Our comprehensive roadmap sets clients up for success.



CRM's require continuous scrubbing, updating, and administration to operate. JumpCrew has a team dedicated to CRM operations for this specific purpose.


of salespeople use informal means such as Microsoft Excel or Outlook to store leads and customer data which hampers sales performance and automation

CRM for Sales Teams

We setup custom CRM configurations that align with the structure of your sales organization. Sales managers can monitor team progress by showing data on leads, individual sales reps, sales teams, close percentages, and more. Alignment allows sales teams to track leads throughout the various stages of the sales cycle.

CRM for Ecommerce.

JumpCrew customizes CRM platforms for ecommerce businesses. Segmenting customers by behavior, order value, and products purchased allows brands to send personalized content that increase customer value.

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