Feathr – Case Study

About Feather

Feathr is a digital marketing firm targeting U.S-based non-profit associations, charities, event organizers and credit unions. With 80 employees and generating approximately $14 million in annual revenue, their advertising toolkits help build and maintain memberships within these various organizations.

The Opportunity

In July 2020, Feathr approached JumpCrew looking for an outsourced sales partner. They needed a team that could work closely with them on strategy, support ongoing leads and explore new creative markets. To differentiate from competitors, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we explained our hands-on approach with reps, virtual training and communication.

After launch, JumpCrew ironed out the sales pitch process, focusing on a high volume of daily activities, thus achieving greater revenue with more qualified leads. And due to high performance, JumpCrew continues to add business development reps (BDRs) to meet the influx of generated leads.

How We Helped Feathr

  • Built out buyer personas, resulting in more targeted leads
  • Provided ongoing virtual training and development
  • Ordered dedicated sales reps and operations support who established daily KPIs
  • Created email marketing nurture sequences