The Future Of Publishing

jumpcon panel - the future of publishingThis panel with Nancy Meyer, GM of Tribune Publishing, Gotham Sharma, Managing Director of Exeltex Consulting, and Adolfo Velasquez, VP of AHRN/MyBaseGuide at JumpCrew will get to the core of the evolution of publishing while covering the major threats and opportunities for media companies. We’ll also talk about what Tribune has done to push the future of publishing forward. If you work for a publishing or media company like The Tennessean, Nashville Business Journal, Vice, etc., this talk will directly benefit you.

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The Speakers

Nancy Meyer has evolved as the publishing landscape has rapidly changed. During this digital transformation, she brought numerous bigwig publishing companies along for the ride. You might have heard of USA Today, Gannett Newspapers, The Hartford Courant, or Tribune Publishing to name a few. 

Gotham Sharma is an award-winning cybersecurity expert helping academic, financial, marketing, and nonprofits secure their data and business operations. Click here to read more about Gotham, like the fact that he recently won Cybersecurity Educator of the Year. 

Adolfo Velasquez had a major hand in digitally transforming JumpCrew’s earliest acquisitions: AHRN & MyBaseGuide. Learn from his experience at JumpCon. Read more about him here.

The Moderator

Eric Busby will be guiding the panel. If you haven’t heard of him, I’ll give you a brief synopsis: After spending 20 years in Cali’s software industry in CIO/CTO roles, he co-founded an ad tech company focused on delivering results for advertisers across all digital channels. Beyond that, you’ll have to check out his speaker blog.

What You’ll Learn

The main concerns for the publishing industry revolve around new technology opportunities, advertising revenue expectations based on engagement, and consumer evolvement. If publishers aren’t utilizing the newest technology, traffic will decline. This isn’t a reference to the best tech, it means the latest tech—opportunities like alternative reality, experiential marketing, and integrated social media. 

jumpcon panel - virtual reality glasses

The goal is getting consumers to develop a bond with your brand. Step one to meeting that goal is ensuring that consumers have an omnichannel experience. Not only has technology changed, but consumers have as well. They’ve developed an impatience that comes along with access to faster technology and an expectation to be entertained 24/7. If publishers don’t conform to the new norm, they won’t survive.

Nancy Meyer and the companies she’s worked with have mastered digital transformation by keeping up with new technological options.

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