Meet Gotham Sharma, one of our speakers at JumpCon, our inaugural Digital Transformation Summit. The Future of Publishing panel will discuss the core of the evolution of publishing while covering the major threats and opportunities for media companies.

Join us in Nashville, Tennessee, aka Music City, on October 24th, 2019 to hear speakers like Gotham talk about sales, marketing, and all things digital transformation.

Why JumpCon: The Digital Sales Transformation Summit

JumpCon is a conference bringing together sales leaders, marketers, and business owners from across the country to talk about growing businesses through digital sales and marketing transformation.

Why Gotham Sharma?

Gotham Sharma is an award-winning cybersecurity educator, author, and investor. He presently serves as the Managing Director of the New York city security and privacy advisory firm, Exeltek Consulting Group.

Exeltek Consulting Group

The firm is dedicated to helping organizations in academia, finance, marketing, and nonprofit secure their data and business operations, as well as improve their relationship with privacy. For his continued contributions to the industry, Gotham was recently named Cybersecurity Educator of the Year and nominated for an Innovators & Disruptors Award.

Previously, Gotham was a consultant for a number of Fortune 500 organizations including JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Morgan Stanley. He chose to leave financial services in pursuit of consulting for the non-profit world. Gotham focused on youth development and STEM education.

Mr. Sharma has 12 unique certifications listed on his LinkedIn account ranging from cybersecurity licenses and private career school instructor to mental health first aid and opioid overdose prevention. Further, he contributes to Cybercrime magazine as a guest host. His education includes coursework on cyber risk management from the Harvard Kennedy School and the City University of New York.

If there’s anyone to turn to for advice on the technology side of digital transformation, it’s Gotham.

Getting to know Gotham Sharma

We asked Gotham three questions to get to know him better beyond that impressive bio. Here’s what he told us.

One special thing about you that is not in your bio?

My nights are spent at comedy clubs; when I’m not speaking, teaching, or otherwise engaged with work, you’ll find me on stage telling jokes!

What would you love to chat about with conference attendees other than work?

I’m always interested in learning about what truly excites people and how it gives them meaning and purpose. So, if you run into me at JumpCon, be forewarned… we won’t be chatting about the weather or your local sports team 🙂

Why speak at JumpCon when you could be anywhere in the world?  

My background is in cybersecurity and digital privacy: historically, these are fields that have had somewhat of an adversarial relationship with sales and marketing. I’m attending JumpCon to help facilitate a discussion that that can help bridge this divide and potentially inform best practices.

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