Step 1: Visit the JumpCon “How To Convince Your Boss Page”.

Asking your boss for anything, let alone a trip to Nashville, TN “the Vegas of the South”, is difficult—we get it. But, you’re in the industry and see a good opportunity to frolic amongst the Broadway tourists after JumpCon commences. Lucky for you, we fully support having a beverage or five on our favorite street in town, plus learning how to integrate sales and marketing to grow revenue. Fun + Knowledge is the perfect pairing.

To help you out we created two essential tools:

  1. A Pulitzer-worthy email generator 
  2. ROI calculator

This will help you craft an amazing email with the info you need to convince your boss to let you book a trip to JumpCon: The Digital Sales Transformation Summit.

Click here to go to the how to convince your boss to go to a conference page and use the tools.

Here is how it all works,

Step 2: Fill out the MadLib email generator.

Below you’ll find a super effective and work-appropriate example of our Madlib email capabilities. We sincerely hope you pick this option. 

Convince Your Boss how to convince your boss

Step 3: Copy and paste the generated email, then send it to your boss.

We know those choices are a little out there and have suppressed our creativity to provide a more realistic option (see below).

How to convince your boss email Convince your boss

Step 4: Calculate Your JumpCon ROI.

Now that you have an email, let’s chat about the ROI calc. Return-on-investment are three words that haunt us all as we slumber. So, we’ve taken the liberty of answering the ROI objection before it arises.

All you need to do is fill out the fields below in order to get an estimated return on investment from attending JumpCon. Your ticket price, expenses, and average customer value are all taken into account. In the example below, with expenses of $920 and a new customer value of $450, generating 2 customers with the skills you gain at JumpCon will offset the cost.

ROI calculator for conference JumpCon ROI Calculator

Step 5: Get Ready For Questions.

Prepare to answer any questions from your boss by reading our FAQs section.

JumpCon FAQ

There ya have it, folks, convince your boss with this badass email and super smart ROI calculator and we will see you at Marathon Music Works. Get excited.

Click here to go to the how to convince your boss to go to a conference page and use the tools.