Jamie Dunham is speaking at JumpCon, our Digital Sales Transformation Summit. The event is in Nashville, TN, otherwise known as “Music City”, on October 24th, 2019.

Why JumpCon: The Sales Digital Transformation Summit

JumpCon is here to help spread knowledge on integrating sales and marketing to drive more revenue

Why Jamie Dunham?

Jamie Dunham knows a thing or two about being a female leader. Her resume boasts executive titles for the past 20+ years at multiple advertising/marketing companies. Before being president of the American Marketing Association – Nashville, Jamie founded Brand Wise, a branding/marketing/research company. At Brand Wise, she curated a group of branding and marketing specialists to enhance brands and improve profitability. They’re experts at positioning, re-vamping, and obviously, all things branding. 

Jamie Dunham Red Letter Day

Jamie writes a blog on the Brand Wise site called “LipStick Economy”. Through her research, she found that women make 85% of all consumer purchases. Most people would just form a new marketing strategy with that information. Jamie Dunham? A conference. RedLetterDay is a conference about marketing to women who she refers to as the “Lipstick Economy”. 

Jamie Dunham’s wealth of experience as a woman in the industry is exactly what we need for the panel.

Getting to know Jamie Dunham

One special thing about you that is not in your bio?

Oh, I love to cook, have contributed recipes to food clients and won Second Place in the National Banana Pudding Cook-off.

What would you love to chat about with conference attendees other than work?

I am always interested in how people decide what events to attend and what restaurants they want to try in Nashville.

Why speak at JumpCon when you could be anywhere in the world?

I am passionate about talking about marketing to women and women’s place at the table in business.  I am also in love with new ideas and there appears to be a wealth of innovative ideas from interesting speakers at this conference.

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