JumpCon: The Digital Transformation Summit hosted 29 speakers this past October. If you have a marketing or sales background, you’ll likely recognize a trailblazer or two on our lineup. From Rand Fishkin and Lauren Bailey to Alden Mills, we had our marketing, sales, and team-building bases covered.

Normally, you’d have to attend the conference to get an inside look at each keynote speaker’s thoughts on digital transformation and how it relates to their field. However, this year we’re giving away the slide decks from all keynotes including, Rahul Sabnis, Meghan Graham, Joe Wadlington, Lauren Bailey, Rand Fishkin, Alden Mills, and Lavall Chichester.

Marketing Focused

While every speaker offered immense value and entertainment, let’s break the JumpCon speakers down by industry so you know who’s who. For marketers, you’ll likely want to download the decks by Rand Fishkin, Rahul Sabnis, Meghan Graham, Joe Wadlington, and Rand Fishkin.

Rand Fishkin

Rand founded Moz, the world’s first SEO company and has since moved on to founding Sparktoro, a software company focused on audience intelligence resources. His talk was mainly on the next era of web marketing and what that means for marketers.

Meghan Graham

Meghan Graham, Executive Strategy Director, T Brand at The New York Times, came in with a powerful presentation on content. Her talk was titled, “Build It And They Won’t Come—Learn What To Do Next”. Meghan left the crowd with 3 takeaways, she said, “all good branded content has these qualities: a central personality, a unique concept, and a connection with the audience.”

Joe Wadlington

Twitter’s Joe Wadlington was a crowd favorite in his honest talk about viral content. As the Global Creative Lead, Joe took the time to form his presentation around content that did actually end up going viral on Twitter and unpack the root cause of virality. Pro tip: Joe is worth a follow on Twitter.

Lavall Chichester

Last but not least on the marketing side is JumpCrew’s own CMO, Lavall Chichester. Before JumpCrew he spent time in the agency world and brought his experience to JumpCrew re-aligning the marketing and sales departments to work together. His main focus has been digitally transforming the departments and aligning marketing and sales with the same KPIs and overarching goals. Download his deck to see “How Integrating Marketing And Sales At JumpCrew Made Us Millions”.

Sales Focused

Lauren Bailey

If you’re in the market for sales knowledge, Lauren Bailey and Lavall Chichester are your people. Lauren Bailey, Founder and President at Factor 8 & #GirlsClub, is one bada$$ salesperson. She kicked off the conference as the first keynote speaker and had the crowd completely engaged. If you missed JumpCon, you missed out on Lauren but lucky for you, her JumpCon slides are below. Grab her deck for quota busting sales tactics and quality entertainment.

Leadership and Culture

Alden Mills

Alden Mills is rowing team at the US Naval Academy, continued as a three-time Navy SEAL platoon commander, then as an entrepreneur and Inc. 500 CEO. He analyzed his experience in SEAL training and as a SEAL to put together what truly makes a team or in JumpCrew’s case, a company. Download Alden’s slides to strengthen and build your culture.


Download the speaker decks: