Welcome to JumpCon! We’re excited to share a day full of inspiring insights, practical advice, and informative interviews from world-renowned leaders about digital transformation. Breakfast, registration, and networking start at 8AM, so get here early!

Format: Keynote
Speakers: David Pachter, Robert Henderson

We’ll kick things off with an introduction to digital transformation by JumpCrew’s President & Executive Chairman, David Pachter, and the CEO, Rob Henderson. What is digital transformation? Why does it matter? How can you utilize it in your own business?

We’ll also announce some big news.

Networking earlier was good, wasn’t it? Now, we challenge you to find two people you didn’t meet and discuss three questions:

  • Where would I be today if I wasn’t here?
  • What am I looking for today?
  • How can I help you achieve your goals?

You never know who you may be sitting next to.

Format: Keynote
Speakers: Lauren Bailey

How can you make sure your sales teams not only to reach their goals–but surpass them? Empower your organization with the tools they need to hit their numbers with these quota-busting sales tactics from Lauren Bailey, founder of Factor8 and #GirlsClub. These tactics are perfect for sales teams who dread the stress that comes at the end of every month, and the best part—you can implement them today.

Format: Panel
Speakers: Christopher Boon, Tiara Puglisi, Nuria Iturrios, Rahul Sabnis
Moderator: Josef Sperzel

The explosion in popularity of podcasts, voice devices like Alexa, along with the evolution of radio and social media usage, there are more channels available to us than we’ve ever had.

Learn from the leaders at Twitter, iHeart Media, Dstillery, and Agency R/GA on how to leverage these new channels to make deep connections with consumers. Not afraid of new frontiers? This talk is for you.

Format: Keynote
Speakers: Megan Graham

Good content is no longer enough. Meghan Graham from NYT T Brand Studio will teach you how to find and grow your audience in 2019 and beyond. This talk will help brands who are launching products, services, apps, and websites find and connect deeply with their target.

Take a breath and peruse your Instagram. 

Format: Panel
Speakers: Nancy Meyer, Gotham Sharma, Adolfo Velasquez
Interviewer: Eric Busby

This Panel featuring Nancy Meyer, GM of Tribune Publishing and Gotham Sharma, Managing Director of Exeltex Consulting, and Adolfo Velasquez, Vice President & GM at JumpCrew will get to the core of the evolution of publishing while covering the major threats and opportunities for media companies. We’ll also talk about what each company has done to push the future of publishing forward. If you work for a publishing or media company like The Tennessean, Nashville Business Journal, Vice, etc., this talk will directly benefit you.

Featuring Nashville’s finest food trucks, including Loveless Cafe, The Grilledcheesery, and Bradley’s Curbside Creamery. Yummm 😋

Format: Panel
Speakers: Ellie Bartholomew, Eric Hazelton, Grant Barnes
Moderator: Rob Solberg

Great company culture is priceless. At JumpCrew, we hired 100 people in 100 days while still maintaining our unique identity. We decided it was only fitting to share what we learned and discuss culture with a panel of experts from Salesforce, Ambition, and others. This is great for companies who want to hire smart and hire fast while prioritizing their culture.

Format: Keynote
Speakers: Lavall Chichester

JumpCrew’s CMO Lavall Chichester discusses the strategy and tactics used to integrate JumpCrew’s sales and marketing team on their full-funnel offering. You’ll hear the candid story of the decline, then rise of Full-Funnel which is now a multimillion-dollar business. This talk is for anyone who has to lead both sales and marketing teams or if you want to make more money by working with other departments.

Format: Keynote
Speakers: Rand Fishkin

Clicks are dying. Whether on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or beyond, every major web platform is working to hoard attention and engagement on their sites, vs. sending traffic out. This shift hugely changes how marketers do our jobs. We need to change our strategies, we need to change our tactics, and we’ve gotta change how we communicate what’s possible to our executives, stakeholders, and clients. In this talk, Rand will illustrate the data in stark, clear terms and show how every lost opportunity opens the door to a new path.

All JumpCon attendees will receive three free books.

“Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World.” by Rand Fishkin
“Unstoppable Teams: The Four Essential Actions of High-Performance Leadership.” by Alden Mills
“The New Rules for Lead Generation” by David Scott

Also, maybe call your boss to say you’re having “the worst” time without them.

Format: Keynote
Speakers: Rahul Sabnis

Podcasts, digital radio, and streaming audio have rapidly grown in popularity, which opens up an opportunity for advertisers. Rahul Sabnis, Chief Creative Officer and EVP at iHeart Media will teach you how to use these new channels to connect with consumers. This talk is perfect for anyone interested in using PODCASTS and other audio channels to grow their business.

Format: Keynote
Speakers: Joe Wadlington

“Make it go viral” is the least helpful directive a manager could give a team. Virality can’t be forced into being. But there are some savvy fundamentals behind viral campaigns that can be stolen and adapted to the project currently on your desk.

In this talk, Joe breaks down some campaigns from the Internet Hall of Fame as well as some fresher examples. Attendees from this talk will walk away with immediate, actionable techniques that make them better at Twitter and savvier internet marketers.

A Poem on Algorithms: Responsibility

Format: Panel
Speakers: Jamie Dunham, Christy Pruitt-Haynes, Lauren Bailey, Jacqueline Hayes.
Moderator: Dr. Candace Warner

More women than ever are getting college degrees, negotiating salaries, and staying in the workforce longer. So, why aren’t more women in leadership? This panel of badass women will tackle how companies can make progress towards better gender representation, and why it matters.

David Pachter, JumpCrew’s Executive Chairman, will introduce our friend and speaker, Alden Mills.

Format: Keynote
Speakers: Alden Mills

Alden Mills knows a thing or two about building teams—and we’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill, ragtag bevy—we’re talking teams that can accomplish seemingly impossible tasks.

Channeling Alden’s experience as a leader in the Navy-SEALs, you’ll get to the bottom of what makes some teams so amazing and learn how to ingrain these traits into your own teams. This is great for companies who need teams (dev, sales, marketing, finance, etc.) or an entire company to work seamlessly together towards the same goal.

All JumpCon attendees will receive three free books.

  • “Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World.” by Rand Fishkin
  • “Unstoppable Teams: The Four Essential Actions of High-Performance Leadership.” by Alden Mills
  • “The New Rules for Lead Generation” by David Scott

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