JumpCrew Is One Of The Best Places To Work In Nashville—A Subtle Brag

If you’re looking for the best place to work in Nashville, you’ve landed on the right site. Besides the shout-outs we’ve gotten from sources like Top Work Places, ZIPPIA, and The Tennessean, JumpCrew has proven to be a strong place to work for those with a growth mindset. In almost four years, JumpCrew has gone from the initial team of two all the way to 325+ people.


Rapid growth puts immense pressure on all teams in an organization. If you’re in recruiting, you’re responsible for getting candidates through the door and selling JumpCrew. If you’re in leadership, you’re responsible for training, managing, and growth. HR has to equip all 325+ with insurance policies, handbooks, and field feedback. Finance has to get 325+ people paid with the correct commissions (in a sales org). Everyone else has to accept the newcomers and answer everyday questions.

The challenge for most people is keeping the GRIT that they started with throughout the rapid growth and constant change at JumpCrew—we’re known to hire challengers for this reason. Internal Growth and change are happening behind the scenes while JumpCrew is acquiring customers and companies on the outside. One of our marketers in the JumpCrew NYC office, Enza, said this about the team:

“JumpCrew has given me so many valuable mentors that have helped me grow in my brief marketing career. It is refreshing to work with a team where no matter your position in the company, you are all treated with the same regard.”



While everyone works for JumpCrew, we have several different business units under the JumpCrew umbrella–one being MyBaseGuide. This team was one of the first at JumpCrew to grow rapidly into a successful business unit. One of the MBG account executives, Afzaa, said this about what makes JumpCrew one of the best places to work in Nashville:

“The people I work with at Jumpcrew are incredible. At the Nashville office, we have a close-knit communal environment that allows individuals to grow in a comfortable professional environment providing an open platform for communication. Everyone who is currently working for the company has an optimistic attitude creating a thriving work atmosphere. There is a lot of potential for growth if you work hard and stay persistent.”



ahrn jumpcrew

AHRN has been with JumpCrew almost as long as MBG. Before acquiring the company, the AHRN sales team began to grow at JumpCrew. Michael, who has been at JumpCrew for three years now, said this about working on AHRN:

“It has been absolutely incredible to be a part of JumpCrew and our Military Divisions, AHRN and MyBaseGuide. Over the past three years I have seen it grow from a client to an integrated division of JumpCrew. Working with the AHRN team is a rare site to see, it is a tight knit family where everyone comes in every single day with a drive to do their absolute best and we push each other to not settle and keep pushing for results for our brand and for our clients. JumpCrew is by far one of the best places to work in Nashville.”


Target Marketing

target marketing jumpcrew

Target Marketing was acquired by JumpCrew a little over a year ago and has already seen immense success. From the office in Florence, KY, Sarah said this about working on the Target team:

“Life at the Florence office is nothing short of exciting, challenging and awesome! We come together for daily morning meetings to celebrate the victories we’ve shared and work towards our goals, developing plans to overcome obstacles. I believe I speak for everyone here when I say that working in the Florence office feels like more of a partnership, working towards being the very best version of ourselves that we can be and knowing that our talents & capabilities will be recognized.”



Our HR manager, Elizabeth, pulled some interesting stats on tenure at JumpCrew. JumpCrew was founded in September of 2016, making the company almost three and a half years old. As of today, we have 12 people who have been with the company for over three years, 20 who have been here over two years, and 102 who have surpassed the one year mark. Besides the booming culture and workforce, we do fun things like happy hours, axe throwing, throwing a conference, canoeing, fun sales incentives, and activities like the “P.A.G.E awards” to showcase JumpCrew employees.

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