On November 2, 1920–almost exactly a century ago–American citizens headed to the polls to cast their votes in the 34th presidential election. Either Republican Warren G. Harding or Democrat James M. Cox would take the country in a new direction following incumbent President Woodrow Wilson’s second term.

Hours later, Warren G. Harding made history as the country’s 29th president–but he wasn’t the only one. That same day, a small Pittsburgh radio station named KDKA held the nation’s first commercial radio broadcast. Listeners across the country heard the results of the Harding-Cox presidential race in real-time. This national broadcast laid the foundation for not only the future of radio but the future of mass media.

new digital channels

New Digital Channels + New Audiences = Impact

The KDKA broadcast paved the way for radio to play a central role in the media landscape over the next few decades. Almost 100 years later, new digital channels are still evolving and having major impacts not only on how we communicate—but how we do business. 


Podcasts, the radios’ prodigy, is one example. The groundbreaking first season of Serial in 2014 broke records and put podcasts on the map. Today, there are more than 700,000 active podcasts, and 32% of Americans say they’ve listened to a podcast in the past month

And to top it off, podcast advertising revenue is predicted to reach $1.6 billion (!) by 2022.

In a world once dominated by competitive, syndicated radio programming, podcasts allow for niche communities to thrive. Free and easy access for listeners and low barriers to entry for podcasters make this medium one of the most appealing digital channels for businesses and audiences alike.

Voice Search

On the shoulders of podcasts are voice devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. As Backlinko says, voice search isn’t the next big thing: it’s already here.  Voice technology is rapidly advancing, and both consumers and brands are preparing for a world where voice assistants are installed in products like appliances, televisions, and cars.

Marketers must not only consider the ongoing changes with optimizing their sites for search via screens but for voice search as well.  It’s estimated that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches. Complicating the future of SEO, voice search is a definite game-changer that marketers everywhere need to think about. 

Social Media

And let’s not forget about the undeniable power of social media. The Instagram Influencer has more clout than the traditional celebrity, as 6 in 10 teens follow advice from influencers rather than famous stars. Facebook alone has 2 billion monthly active users—that’s more than a quarter of the human population. And despite the hot water Facebook has been in over the past few years, it’s still arguably the most powerful social network in the world–and the primary marketing channel for thousands of companies and businesses.

new digital channels to build your audience

You probably have questions about how to leverage these digital channels in your business. Should you start a podcast? Are you spending enough (or too much) on Facebook Ads? How do you leverage communication channels and find your people? How can you make a real impact on your audience like that first KDKA broadcast? We’ve got a crew of people to help you find the answers. Enter JumpCon.

Leveraging New Digital Channels for Greater Impact

This year at JumpCon, we’re hosting a panel of speakers to help you learn to leverage new channels, build your audience, and provide value to your customers. Director of SEO at Horizon Media, Josef Sperzel, will be moderating. Here’s who you’ll be hearing from on the panel:

christopher Boon JumpCon

Christopher Boon, SVP of Enterprise Solutions at Dstillery, is known for shaking things up. He’s been leading the charge at the Artificial Intelligence company for just over two years, and he knows a thing or two about data. He’ll be lending his voice to talk about all things AI and how making data-driven decisions is the key to leveraging channels in new ways.


Nuria Iturrios JumpCon

Next up is Nuria Iturrios, Partner Manager of Customer Success at Twitter (maybe you’ve heard of it?). When it comes to finding a happy medium between customer satisfaction and compelling advertising, Nuria knows best. She’s driven by the challenges of breaking into new markets. You’ll get to hear about her experiences with those challenges during this panel.

Tiara Puglisi JumpCon

Tiara Puglisi is the Group Director of Connections Strategy at the innovation consultancy R/GA. Her job is to make sure her teams’ creative work is seen by the right people at the right time. This is an essential aspect of influencing and engaging audiences on your digital channels, which makes her a perfect fit for this panel.

Rahul Sabnis JumpCon

And finally, meet iHeartMedia Chief Creative Officer and EVP Rahul Sabins. The music and entertainment industries have been transformed by technology in the past decade, and Rahul has seen them first-hand at iHeart. Hear his point of view on adapting to a changing media landscape and using creativity in your marketing.

So how will you and your team navigate the digital world going forward? Come get inspired during this exciting panel at JumpCon. Your next groundbreaking marketing move is waiting for you on the other side. Register for JumpCon today.

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