Successful Sales Team

Managing a Successful Sales Team

As more and more millennials enter the workforce, especially those pursuing a career in sales, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that these individuals are being managed correctly. It’s no secret that any kind of sales position has a high turnover rate on top of the fact that millennials have earned the reputation as “job hoppers”.  So that begs the question, what is the right way to manage a successful sales team?

I recently spoke with two sales professionals, Stephen Witt and Andrew DiMario, to get their insights on the best way to manage a successful sales team.  Stephen Witt has over fourteen years of experience as both a sales manager and director for some of the country’s largest telecommunications, print advertising and marketing companies overseeing millions of dollars in annual revenue. We also spoke with Andrew DiMario is currently an inside sales manager for a professional sports team in Ohio. Andrew is responsible for doubling the team’s ticket sales since taking over the inside sales team.

Here were the top 4 takeaways from both conversations:

1. Be Active During the Hiring Process

This is an obvious one. In order to be a successful manager, you need to be active throughout the hiring process. When new hires join the company, they will help shape and cultivate your team going forward.  You want to be familiar with the people who will be coming on board and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

2. Transparency & Consistency

Transparency and consistency are important when working with any team. Make sure individual members of your team know where they stand so that there are no surprises. Regularly scheduled reviews are a must for a manager as this allows both individual team members and the team as a whole know where they stand and what the expectations are going forward. It also allows them to provide feedback, so you can understand where they need help and any roadblocks they may believe are hindering their performance.

3. Confidence, Positive Energy & Culture

Tone and attitude create a path for continued success. Lead by example and be energetic, reps feed off of a manager’s energy and it can carry them through the ups and downs of being. sales professional. Confidence is key, this allows the team to feel comfortable approaching you with any questions or concerns they may have. If you, as a leader, are both confident and full of positive energy, the team as a whole will be able to obtain higher results more often.

Create a culture that generates results as a team. Everyone has to buy into the vision for the team to reach their goal and to obtain success. Constructive criticism goes a long way into molding and shaping successful sales reps and is a great way to tackle problems while simultaneously progressing forward. A positive culture also allows reps to feel more comfortable approaching their manager and opens the door for both the rep and manager to learn more about the sales process and each other.

4. Relationship Building

Find out what motivates the individual members of your team. What gets him or her out of bed every day? Harness that motivation and allow work to act as their medium in achieving their goals and aspirations. Take an interest in the people on your team and their growth not only an employee but as a person too.  If you do this, they will work infinitely harder for you.

Relationship building with your team starts in the office but extends outside the confines of work as well. Developing a relationship with them outside of work will not only make them better equipped for sales but will help positively shape and grow their character.

A manager can build and maintain a successful sales team by staying positive and being involved with each member of the team.  Reminding them that their individual successes contribute to the overall team and the company’s success will help them understand the importance of their role.  It starts at the beginning by being involved in the hiring process and continues throughout their time with the company.


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