Meet Adolfo Velasquez, one of our panelists at JumpCon, the inaugural Digital Transformation Summit. Adolfo will participate in the future of publishing panel along with Nancy Meyer and Gotham Sharma, moderated by Eric Busby

Join us in Nashville, Tennessee, aka Music City, on October 24th, 2019 to hear speakers like Adolfo talk about sales, marketing, and beyond.

Why JumpCon: The Digital Sales Transformation Summit

JumpCon is a one-day event bringing together sales leaders, marketers, and business owners from across the country to talk about growing businesses through digital sales and marketing transformation.

Why Adolfo Velasquez?

Because he has digitally transformed AHRN and MyBaseGuide, two of JumpCrew’s earliest acquisitions. At the time these two organizations we’re majority print and underwent a massive digital transformation under Adolfo’s hands-on direction. 

Pre-JumpCrew, Adolfo mostly specialized in selling and managing national accounts. With 14+ years of experience handling large accounts, he was a perfect fit to lead when AHRN was a client and the obvious choice to work solely on the account once JumpCrew acquired the company.

An update on AHRN and MyBaseGuide: both companies were commissioned by the Department of Defense for the express purpose of migrating the US Military around the world. Today the number one goal is to create an environment that helps military relocate and live on installations. Adolfo has overseen the modernization of both digital assets and the integration of audiences between the two business units. 

Now, Adolfo is heading up JumpTour, the natural result of modernizing ARHN and MyBaseGuide. Through the creation of the combined military audience network, companies who partner with JumpTour have the opportunity to reach 2.9 million users.adolfo velasquez jumptour

You may think you have Adolfo pegged. However, he just walked into the office decked in full motorcycle gear and used to run a Spanish television show. Keep reading for more about Adolfo and grab a ticket to JumpCon if you haven’t.

Getting to know Adolfo Velasquez

One special thing about you that is not in your bio? I used to run a Television show that aired on NBC/Telemundo – it was sort of like The Tonight Show but in Spanish. Guests included Ms. Universe, Mexico’s World Cup Captain, comedians, and musicians.  

What would you love to chat about with conference attendees other than work?  On topic: Publishing channels have evolved from newsprint to digital, and now to new formats: podcasts, daily newsletters and push notifications. How do we get the most audience engagement from the delivery of each format? How do we monetize those new formats? Is gated or partially-gated content that drives signups or subscriptions better for publishers than the pageviews, ranks, and traffic that are derived from ungated content? 

Off-topic: what hardware segment (like watches or smart homes) are underdeveloped from a technology standpoint? 

Why speak at JumpCon when you could be anywhere in the world? When Robert asked me to help start JumpCrew three years ago, what excited me the most was the opportunity to create a deliberate path to revenue for startups and established companies in transition. Today the company has evolved beyond that original premise and I view JumpCon as the physical manifestation of that success. I would not miss being part of it!

Again, if you haven’t acquired a ticket to JumpCon, give in to the peer pressure. You won’t regret it. 

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