Meet Eric Busby, one of our panelists at JumpCon, the inaugural Digital Transformation Summit. The future of publishing panel will walk audience members through the challenges and opportunities within the publishing industry.

Join us in Nashville, Tennessee, aka Music City, on October 24th, 2019 to hear speakers like Eric talk about sales, marketing, and beyond.

Why JumpCon: The Digital Sales Transformation Summit

JumpCon is a one-day event bringing together sales leaders, marketers, and business owners from across the country to talk about growing businesses through digital sales and marketing transformation.

Why Eric  Busby?

Eric has been in the tech world since 1989 (according to his LinkedIn account). After spending 20 years in Cali’s software industry in CIO/CTO roles, he co-founded an ad tech company focused on delivering results for advertisers across all digital channels. Because Eric started in the tech space before it was trending (and because he’s absurdly talented), he quickly became a highly sought after speaker and instructor in the software engineering space. During this time, he spent several years spreading his knowledge to software developers in Silicon Valley. Eric then moved on to his first CTO role, and the rest is history. Except for the companies he worked with…

  • RAND Corporation
  • Los Alamos National Labs
  • IBM
  • Chevron
  • Toshiba
  • Broadcom
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Nissan
  • AT&T
  • Microsoft
  • Transamerica
  • Southern California Edison
  • Walt Disney Company
  • Toyota
  • Pepsico
  • Warner Bros. 
  • McDonnel Douglas Space Systems
  • Boeing
  • Hughes Radar Systems
  • Rockwell
  • Applied Materials

Moving on to Eric’s most recent venture, AdCritter. Honestly, I’m glad that Eric started AdCritter because the list above wasn’t impressive enough. He and co-founder/CEO Gabriel Smith realized that the world of programmatic advertising required companies to be well-versed in the digital ecosystem and all of its acronyms, jargon, and methods; typically this meant hiring a team of experts.

eric busby adcritter

Not satisfied with the lack of simplicity needed for most businesses, AdCritter was created. It offers a simplified user experience and all of the power of programmatically addressing the 40% of digital inventory not available through the duopoly. Today, in addition to serving advertisers directly, Eric also leads the effort to serve as an ad tech partner to leading sales and marketing organizations.

On top of Eric’s technical prowess, he is a relentless innovator with a mind-blowing grasp of multiple industries and functional business areas. He has a personal passion to find alignment between technical solutions and the transformative mechanisms they empower in fast-paced and growing companies. 

Grab a ticket to hear Eric speak if you haven’t already. 

Getting to know Eric Busby

One special thing about you that is not in your bio?   I am a beekeeper. The world of honeybees is not only rewarding (we have plenty of honey around the house) but also full of fascinating learning opportunities. Some of my best inspirations for complex system designs have come while learning about managing millions of bees in their colonies. The only bummer is when I get stung from time to time.

What would you love to chat about with conference attendees other than work?  Helping recent veterans find purpose and work as they transition out of the military. These are some of the most talented young people I come across and I want to help them catapult into their next chapters.

Why speak at JumpCon when you could be anywhere in the world? Well, one of my favorite places in the world IS the intersection between Sales/Marketing and Technology… so in a way, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than at JumpCon.

Here’s the ticket link again if you missed the above plug for tickets. Click on it, buy a ticket, you know the drill.

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