Lauren Bailey will be gracing the stage at the first annual JumpCon: The Digital Sales Transformation Summit. The conference is Thursday, October 24th, 2019 in Nashville “Music City” Tennessee.

Why JumpCon: The Sales Digital Transformation Summit

JumpCon was created to help you learn how to integrate sales and marketing to grow revenue, leads and brand awareness.

Why Lauren Bailey?

Founder of Factor8 and most recently #GirlsClub, Lauren Bailey was inspired by her ~20 years launching and leading inside sales organizations around the world. In 2007, Lauren launched Factor8 as an effort to solve the repeat problems Lauren was seeing on the phones. The company has and continues to receive industry awards for the hands-on sales and management programs they provide with Lauren’s continued leadership as president. 

Lauren Bailey Girls Club

On to Lauren’s most recent venture, #GirlsClub. She noticed that all too often, female faces at the table were a scarcity. Being the problem solver that she is, Lauren launched an initiative to change the face of sales leadership worldwide. Oh also, Lauren does all of the above with a husband and two kids. 

In addition to her sales expertise, Lauren is an optimal speaker considering Factor8 and #GirlsClub are run by sales leaders—similar industry experience that led to the inception of JumpCrew (and now, JumpCon) by Robert Henderson and David Pachter. 

Getting to know Lauren

We asked Lauren Bailey three questions to help you get to know her.

Here are her answers:

One special thing about you that is not in your bio?  I love World travel.  Egypt, Greece, Ireland, Morocco, and The Great Barrier Reef were some faves.  Love hearing travel adventure stories.

What would you love to chat about with conference attendees other than work?  I’m passionate about helping people, especially women and young people, gain confidence.  I’m also a big fan of water sports, pilates, & beer. My favorite rant is dealing with the school system.  Parent drop off…UGH! Am I right?

Why speak at JumpCon when you could be anywhere in the world?  One of my favorite people, Hana Elliott asked me to!  Plus, the challenge of speaking the languages of sales and marketing fluently is right up there with cats and dogs living in harmony.  I’ve got the cats and dogs part down (mine are literally cuddling behind my chair as I type this!), still working on the other. 

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