JumpCrew is always looking for new, innovative platforms that will help maximize our team’s performance and overall workflow. When we discovered Outreach.io—signing up was a no brainer. Outreach.io customers saw a 30% increase in their meetings and opportunities along with a 10-25% revenue growth. With those numbers, we were sold. Fast forward a year and Outreach.io played such a crucial role in our sales process that we became an Engagement Partner. 

Outreach.io FAQs

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  • What is Outreach.io? Outreach.io is a sales engagement platform that helps manage all customer interactions across email, voice and social, and leverages machine learning to guide reps to take the right actions.
  • How much does it cost? For questions regarding pricing, please reach out to [email protected] They’ll help match your needs with an appropriate package.
  • Can my other tools integrate with Outreach.io? Yes. Outreach.io currently offers integrations with Drift, Intercom, Seismic, Sendoso, Vidyard, Alyce, BombBomb, and OneMob, and more. 

Now that you have some background on Outreach.io, here’s what you should expect from the platform:

  • Track valuable metrics such as delivery rate and Bounce emails
  • Easily integrate your Salesforce account to your Outreach.io
  • Set different profiles for each end-user to allow managers to guide their team to success
  • Prevent any member of your team from sending the same message to a prospect and from engaging accounts too frequently 

With everything that Outreach.io has to offer, signing up is a no-brainer. Although Outreach.io is effective and efficient, implementing a new platform can be quite overwhelming. Enter JumpCrew. New Outreach.io clients have the option to purchase 4-hour engagement packages where Engagement Managers like JumpCrew help alleviate the confusion and onboard your Outreach.io process.

Package Timeline















  1. Kickoff Call:
  • Introductions
  • Go through milestones/future calls
  • Understanding the workflow
  1. Content Strategy
  • Best practice for implementing sequences, snippets, and templates
  1. Salesforce Configuration (If you do not have Salesforce, this call is the Prospect Management Call)
  • Configure Salesforce to push and pull prospects and data to and from Salesforce
  • Learn how to import and organize your prospects and data
  1. Governance Configuration 
  • Configure org settings
  • Setup user permissions and ensure team’s profiles have appropriate access
  1. Office Hours
  • General Q&A for reps and admins to ask questions about anything on the platform

Pre-Kick-off Check-List

Once you purchase this package, ask to be assigned to JumpCrew. Here’s a checklist that our Engagement Manager put together, run through it before your kick-off call. 

    • Claim Your Account: Be on the lookout for an email from Outreach.io in the inbox you have used to create your account. Click on the “Claim Account Now” button. 
      • If you still have not received the link, you can email [email protected] with your name, company name and email to get it.
    • Log In: Once you have your account information, its time to log in. Make sure to integrate your calendar, inbox and download the chrome extension.

The above is all valuable information to help kickstart your Outreach.io journey. Outreach.io is a great tool for businesses looking to scale their team’s productivity and revolutionize their sales process. While having the tool to help you scale your business is extremely great, why not go the extra mile and have a team that will perfectly align with Outreach.io’s goals? JumpCrew will help take your sales game to an even higher level—ask for us when you sign up. 

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