A great sales team is no longer enough.

Our outsourced sales team pairs experience and grit with sophisticated data, content and systems to deliver results.

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Why should you outsource your sales team?​

Outsourcing your sales team saves you the time and expense of hiring, training and managing a dedicated sales team while providing all the benefits of having one. We already have the processes, systems and infrastructure in place to assemble a successful sales team. So that means you’ll see results sooner than if you were to set up your own sales department.
The quickest way to drive results, though, is by integrating sales and marketing, which is what makes JumpCrew really stand out. By coordinating with our in-house digital marketing experts, we’re better able to attract, nurture and convert new customers across multiple channels and touchpoints. And that’s more important than ever.

Our sales team can help you achieve your goals with:

Outbound prospecting, qualification and appointment setting

Our team will qualify and schedule appointments so your team can spend more time closing deals.

sales support
from first touch
to close

Our sales reps handle the
full sales cycle, from prospecting and calling to closing deals.

inbound leads
to qualify
or close

Our team will manage inbound leads to ensure they’re qualified and then close deals.

Managing current client accounts to increase lifetime value

Our sales reps maintain strong client relationships and provide transparent reporting on KPIs.

How your outsourced sales team gets results for you

We combine behavioral data with proven processes and a passion for making connections to seal the deal over and over again — whether that’s generating leads, setting appointments or driving revenue.


We dig in deep to learn your products, brand voice, value propositions and goals to develop compelling sales scripts, email sequences and other collateral.


Our reps can either sell against your database or prospect on their own to find leads. We also work with our marketing team to find new ways to capture leads.

Lead Qualifying

Our sales teams qualify all leads to make sure they’re a perfect match for your products or services — because bad leads aren’t worth your time.

Calls & Closing

Closing deals takes more than a quick phone call. We take the time to learn what prospects need and nurture those leads through calls and emails, allowing us to to close more deals.

Connecting with buyers requires persistence. That’s why we weave email nurturing into the mix to keep prospects engaged and interested.

Monthly Cost Comparison

Outsourced Sales vs. Building an In-House Team

JumpCrew In-House
2 Fully Dedicated Sales Representatives Included $10,000
CRM and Enablement Platform Included $200
Hardware & Software Included $200
Sales Prospect Lead Lists Included $2,000
Sales Sequence Copywriting and Reporting Included $1,000
Sales Talent Recruiting, Interviewing & Hiring Included $500
Sales Rep Commissions Included $3,000
Dedicated Sales Manager Included $5,000
Sales Director Included $9,500
Training Curriculum & Development Included $1,000
Operational Resources and Support Included $6,000
Benefits & Liability Included $1,200

You need results now, not years from now.

We dive into your business right away — and the results are telling. In the first six months supporting a leading social media brand, our sales team grew from 4 to 29, generating $21.5 million in revenue.


Ramp up your revenue without building an in-house team.

Find out how we can achieve your sales objectives, whether that’s acquiring new customers or building a pipeline of qualified leads.