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Discover 8 marketing techniques to fill your properties

Think that marketing strategies and property management don’t go hand in hand? Wrong!

The days of only finding new tenants for your buildings by buying billboard and newspaper ads are long gone. While building strong, local relationships is still a contributor to success, it’s important to take a look at some of the most effective new marketing techniques that property management firms are finding valuable today.

What is the best way to capture potential clients while ensuring your current clients remain as tenants?

The best way is through strategic marketing campaigns that are designed specifically for reaching a geography-based audience. A smart marketing plan offers valuable information and sparks a level of interest in a potential client without having to talk to them in person. Beginning a relationship that hopefully will end up with a rental agreement. Finding new tenants is essential to maintaining high occupancy rates.

Here are 8 ways to help take your rental marketing efforts from good to great!

1. Create a Content Marketing Plan

In the world of marketing, we all know content is king, but simply posting photos of your building online isn’t enough.  Marketers and property managers need to think outside the box. Your social media accounts, blogs, and email newsletters are the perfect place to share neighborhood related content to help educate current and potential tenants about news and events in the area. All of this content can be captured in multiple formats — photo, video, and text.

Creating a content marketing strategy that includes interviews with people from the neighborhood, local businesses or building employees, as well as posts about the neighborhood (or building) history is key to a successful marketing plan. It’s important to share your knowledge and create online engagement in order to establish yourself and your company as ‘real estate experts’ while building your brand (property) awareness. The more clients feel like they are learning something from you, the more they trust you. The more they trust you, the more they will want to do business with you.

When Possible, Create Videos

Videos provide the perfect way to showcase your property and will help create a relationship with your viewers prior to meeting in person. What’s great about videos is that they don’t have to be very long! The ideal length is between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. Building a video library will help improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) while extending your organic (non-paid) social reach and can also be used for social ads.

2. Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Real estate professionals and properties that have a strong social media presence find social media marketing to be one of the best ways to increase website traffic while staying connected with current and potential clients. A strategic social media plan can help improve rankings on search engines, drive more website visits and lead to an overall increase in clients.

Utilizing social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+, provide a quick and inexpensive way to communicate with your clients and prospects.

Being active on social networks not only helps you stay on top of industry-related trends but also lets you check out what your competitors are currently doing. Regardless of the geographic area, there is always real estate industry news that you should know about and industry-specific hashtags that you should be using.

It’s critical to monitor what conversations are happening online about your business or property. Have you ever Googled your business? Search for your property on all social media channels to see if you have been mentioned. If you have, this gives you the perfect opportunity to respond – whether the feedback is negative or positive.

3. Update & Optimize Your Website

Although it may seem obvious, a great place to start when trying to gain more tenants is to build an effective, customer-friendly website.

In a digital world, your website is often the first thing a potential tenant sees and can be a deciding factor whether or not they choose to work with you. Your website design and development are important elements of any digital marketing strategy. Make sure that pages can be easily navigated, multiple forms of contact are included, and your site contains attention-grabbing images, as well as enough educational content to inform potential clients what you have to offer. A strong website acts as the structure of your digital marketing efforts.

Key components of a distinguished real estate rental website include:

  • Floor plans
  • About us pages-
    • Amenities
    • Photo gallery
    • Neighborhood
    • News & Events
    • Press
  • News & Industry Insights (blog)
  • Properties Managed
  • FAQ
  • Contact us

Optional webpages:

  • Useful links
  • Did you know? (A page with interesting facts that is regularly updated)
  • Building profiles
  • Resident stories and testimonials
  • Philosophy
  • Event calendar

4. Launch Online Ads

If you haven’t implemented a paid ad campaign to boost the marketing efforts of your property management firm, it may be time to do so. Have you ever noticed how the same building managers tend to populate in your search engine? These are, in fact, sponsored ad results. Companies are now deciding to invest a specific amount of money each month to appear in the top-ranking positions in the most popular search engines. Your property management firm can implement a strategy and budget that is tailored to your management expertise and geographic area.  This is an extremely effective way to get your name out to potential clients that may not have found your website otherwise.

5. Ask for Feedback

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback through reviews and surveys. Whether good or bad, reviews are one of the most powerful forms of marketing today. Reviews from previous residents are extremely influential to any potential tenants that are looking into your properties.

Guide your tenants to submit reviews about your building on Facebook, Yelp, and other popular review sites so that prospective clients can see others past experiences. Additionally, property managers need to respond to the comments left on their Facebook page in a timely manner. If the comments are negative, write a short, non-confrontational response and sincerely apologize for any bad experiences.

It can also be very helpful to send a survey asking for feedback so that you can see what you are doing right and what can be improved upon. Don’t forget to ask for permission to use their quotes for your website, customer testimonials or other marketing materials.

6. Perfect Your Email Strategy

Email marketing is probably one of easiest tactics to implement today and overall it has a very high return on investment. Many property management firms find email marketing to be one of the most successful marketing channels once they perfect their individual strategy.  When done right, email marketing can provide helpful content to your recipients, which can ultimately provide your firm with new business. It can entice new clients, as well as keep current ones up to date and thinking of your firm.

7. Make Sure Your Profiles Are Optimized

One of the most important steps to staying relevant is to keep your local business information up to date and consistent with your brand.

There are enormous benefits from being listed on directory websites.  Search engines and people search these sites, so it’s key to include keywords that people use when searching for a place to rent, and to use the same name, address and phone (NAP) everywhere you are listed. This tactic aligns with all SEO best practices and can become a very powerful way to gain a significant amount of business.

Making sure you have an up-to-date and relevant profile can boost your overall brand recognition and customer awareness. This provides a sense of security to clients when they see your name populate after they have searched. Optimizing and building your profiles also allows you the opportunity to share links that lead clients to your website to learn more.  Not only can you backlink to your own website, you can also link to your blog or social media sites to reach an even bigger audience.

8. Create a Referral Program

Referral Strategies focus on how and where to get referrals, without having to ask your clients, and with very little effort on your part. But we all know, referrals don’t appear out of thin air -they have to be cultivated. To maximize your referral base, just like everything else, you need to have a system in place to make sure you are cultivating all of the right people at the right time.

Creating the perfect marketing and sales strategy for your real estate firm takes time and effort. Just by implementing some of these techniques, your firm will see an increase in quality leads, as well as increased client retention.

Contact us today or more information on how to take your marketing strategies for your real estate and property management firm to the next level, and to learn which techniques are right for your specific business.

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