Sales Management

Our Style

Our open floor plan reflects our management style: constantly accessible, consistently collaborative, and firmly accountable.

Each member of our management team is carefully selected for their analytic and support qualities. Our sales management structure is built around modern CRM technologies that record a range of sales data, and allow us to use data as the foundation for our sales strategies.

Our deep expertise in CRM technology also makes it easy for our clients to see the results our management team is delivering, while simultaneously aligning with any sales professionals inside your organization.

The combination of an actively involved management team, regular monitoring of activities, and detailed CRM reporting ensures we’re constantly improving and expanding projects and strategies that deliver success.

Instead of guessing when to call a lead or how many touches it takes to close a deal, we know which cadences are most effective based on data gathered from our in-house technology.

Each one of our clients is unique, with different sales cycles and processes. Therefore, we understand each client requires different actions for success.

Our sales management team has years of experience developing effective sales strategies across a range of industries, and they’ll build a custom sales plan around the goals of your organization.

JumpCrew managers support their teams by being present in individual sales efforts and guiding everything from building the sales cadence used across the organization, to the actual conversations with leads.

In our open setting, it is easy for a sales rep to address their manager as necessary. As managers and teammates, we strive to interact with one another to maintain a constant flow of results.

This mix of collaboration and data analysis contributes to our success as an organization and enables us to deliver better results to our clients.