Sales Process

At their core, the most effective salespeople are process driven. Numerous studies show that a salesperson must have a certain number of interactions with a lead for them to close.

However, too many sales teams are composed of talented individuals who lack the discipline to follow a proven follow-up process. By focusing on process over improvisation, JumpCrew reps reach more leads and have more meaningful conversations.

At JumpCrew, our team will follow-up with warm prospects and record the conversation so you can have full disclosure on all important details pertaining to the sales pitch. Furthermore, our sales team documents the entire process they use to follow up with each lead.

Also, during our sales appointments activities, all our sales reps use call cadences that have been validated by data in our customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Our sales reps also use proprietary prospect lists that help them focus solely on the most effective sales leads generation activities.

The JumpCrew process involves improving the appointment setting process and then handing those appointments off to your sales team to sell the product.

Our reps are trained to articulate the value of your product in a way that pre-frames all appointment leads for a higher close rate. Not only will you receive for opportunities for your pipeline, but you’ll receive better opportunities, too.