Many businesses are on social media, but are they promoting themselves in the right way and reaching their desired audience?

It’s hard to think back to when social media was not a vital part of a brand’s marketing strategy. That being said, if you don’t see it as vital…  You, my friend, are falling behind.

Promoting your business online can be intimidating. Promoting it on social media can be even more complex because it’s being done on channel that enables two-way communication.

Building Brand Awareness with Social Media

It’s surprising how often businesses overlook the value social media creates:

  1. Building brand awareness
  2. Increasing sales
  3. Creating and fostering relationships

A difficult question to answer is, how do you keep the right people entertained and consistently engaged?

As a social media management company, we know all the tips and tricks to help you become a household name through your social media marketing efforts. Follow these 7 tips to start increasing your brand awareness.

1.     Target Appropriately

Every business has an “ideal customer.” Think about it. You have probably said “I wish every customer could be like Mrs. Smith.” Target those people.

Whether it be locally or world-wide, you can target your ideal customers on social media.

Targeting ads can seem pretty cut-and-dry, but don’t let that fool you. Facebook offers some of the most nitty-gritty targeting abilities online.

One of the biggest misconceptions that business owners have is that Facebook isn’t for them. With almost 2 billion active users, having the ability to target people by demographics, interests, behaviors, etc. can increase your brand awareness immensely.

2.     Post the Right Content

No one wants to follow someone that continuously posts selfies, am I right?

Maybe you’ve heard of the 80/20 rule. There’s a million 80/20 scenarios, so I’m sure you have.

This one is gold, so pay attention.

  • 80% industry news, customer highlights, community cements
  • 20% self promotion

Your content should reflect your brand’s personality. Have fun and encourage conversations with your followers.

3.     Timing is Everything

What time do you typically check your social networks?

It probably falls during these times researched by Fast Company.

social media optimization

It’s simple. Talk to your audience when they want to listen and engage.

4.     Share Correctly

Each platform has a different purpose and audience. You must familiarize yourself with the networks and find your company’s personality within that network.  It’s key to build and optimize your profile for each network.


5.     Listen and Respond

One of the most beneficial aspects of social media is the ability to connect with people. Each network offers tools to look up tag words, conversations, and industry experts. I’m sure you’ve seen that social channel search bar. Use it.

People post questions, comments, and reviews online, this provides your company the perfect opportunity to reach out and respond.

How to get social on social networks:

  • Join conversations
  • Search hashtags
  • Look and respond to reviews
  • Reach out to industry experts

Social media is a gathering of people. Be social.

6.     Take Advantage of Analytics

Use the fancy data analysis tools that social networks provide. Per the Huffington Post, social media analysis focuses on reactive analysis to what others (competitors, customers, potential customers, competitors’ customers, etc.) are saying about an organization or their brands on Twitter and Facebook posts, as well as other social media sites.

Why are these analytics important?

They allow you to:

  1. Gain competitive advantage
  2. Learn about your customers
  3. Enhance your business
  4. Better target your marketing efforts
  5. Learn from what is and isn’t working

7.     Pay to Play = Social Ads = Increased Awareness & Sales

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Well, social media is free. Typically successful social accounts have a blend of paid and organic posts.

Ads are the fastest way to grow your network and engagement.

Organic growth is possible, but yields much slower and different results.  Social networks enable businesses to define the goal of their ad (more followers, clicks to your website, extend the reach of a post, etc.) and helps guide the ad to accomplish those goals.

Modern Day Business

Businesses today can compete at scale with their largest competitors, and have more marketing channels and tools than ever before. The key is navigating marketing landscape to select the right marketing mediums to reach your desired audience and build brand awareness.

You wouldn’t hire your plumber to cut your hair. Everyone is an expert in something. So, why would you, a business owner, not take your social media manager seriously?

JumpCrew builds brand awareness with social media

Sign up for a free social media assessment or contact us today and learn how to get started.



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