A leading social media platform sees an 80% increase in weekly revenue in a 6 month period

The Opportunity

One of the world’s leading social media platforms came to JumpCrew seeking a partner to reactivate advertisers who had previously spent on the self-serve ads platform. Thousands upon thousands of accounts were addressable as potential spenders, but they were in need of some personal attention to advise on campaign strategy and help them launch a new campaign.

Our Strategy

Without a sales playbook in place, JumpCrew took total ownership over how best to categorize raw data sets, distribute and sort by sales rep, name activity types and build corresponding dashboards within Salesforce, and quickly assess what sales collateral could best assist the reps during potential advertiser discussions. What started as an initial pilot sales team of 4 quickly grew to 16, given the early and ongoing success of JumpCrew’s efforts. JumpCrew’s sales team was coached and managed to interact with high-value advertising prospects, ad agencies, and individuals needing personalized targeting and measurement guidance, as well as ongoing support to scale the success and budget of their campaigns.