As a marketing and sales organization, the recent passing of Google Plus emotionally affected several employees in our SEO department–they smiled. Google Plus was part of a significant digital transformation that took place 8 years ago and is still happening today. “Real-life sharing rethought for the web”, the slogan of Google Plus, speaks heavily to JumpCrew’s co-founders.

To this day, digital transformation is the engine that has fueled JumpCrew’s rapid growth. Before diving further into digital transformation, we’re going to talk more about our recent networking event, concluding with an exciting “soft” announcement.

The burial of Google Plus

Celebrations are reserved for happy, momentous occasions in the lives of those around you. For this reason, JumpCrew threw an SEO networking event to mark the departure of Google Plus. We recognized this happy, momentous occasion for our co-workers who spent hours meticulously optimizing content on the social platform they all soon despised. While this might seem insensitive—as Google has blessed marketers with platforms like Google Analytics—the idea was too good to lay to rest.

The importance of Google Plus to marketers

Google Plus launched in June 2011 as the search engine’s attempt at a social media platform; a platform to digitize word-of-mouth conversations surrounding local businesses. Over the years the platform’s functionalities have varied greatly catering to both businesses and consumers. Some of its best-known features include the text and video chat Hangouts, group relationship management (also known as Circles), location tagging, and Google+ Local Business Pages.

There used to be a time during Google Plus’ 7-ish year-long lifespan when SEO professionals would spend countless hours attempting to optimize local business listings, titles, profile pics, and more in an attempt to drive more traffic and accelerate content indexing. Speak to anyone who’s ever done Google+ SEO and they will tell you how nerve-wracking and painful the process was.

SEO networking event

In hindsight, despite the platform’s optimization shortcomings, its most successful features do live on under different branches of Google’s product lines, so it couldn’t have been that bad, right?

Upwards and onwards

We’ve moved on, forgiven Google, and let go of the past. JumpCrew is presently focused on a bigger venture–digital transformation. To properly flex our expertise in digital transformation, JumpCrew is hosting a marketing and sales conference this fall. The 2019 niche is digital transformation. However, the conference is for the entire industry–not only those presently navigating the evolution from, for example, print to digital.

Speakers will cover integration, leadership, and growth; backlinking those topics too, of course, digital transformation.

For now, that’s all the information we can divulge. Stay tuned.

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