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Welcome To Our Table: Women In The Workplace Panel

Welcome To Our Table

According to a study done by Hive, women generally work up to 10% harder than men while at work.

Because we love hard work at JumpCrew, we’re celebrating women in the workplace at JumpCon.

Our very own email manager, Elizabeth Duffey, will be moderating a panel of badass women. Participating in the “Welcome To Our Table: Women In The Workplace Panel” are Jamie Dunham, Courtenay Rogers, Dr. Candace Warner, and Lauren Bailey.

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Why Women In The Workplace?

With the rise of mentorship groups like Chief,  #GirlsClub,  RedLetterDay, and Girls To the Moon, we’re bringing attention to better gender representation in the workplace and highlighting some incredible women while doing it. 

Speaking of highlighting, did you know that more women than ever are getting degrees negotiating salaries, and staying in the workforce longer?

So, why aren’t more women in leadership?

“About a fifth of women reported that they’re frequently the only woman (or one of the only women) in the groups of people they work with at the office.”

JumpCon Women in the workplace

The Women

This panel of women will tackle how companies can make progress towards inclusion and why it matters. Now, let’s learn more about our speakers…

Jamie Dunham knows a thing or two about being a female leader. She’s held executive titles for the past 20+ years at multiple advertising/marketing companies before being president of American Marketing Association – Nashville. Then Jamie founded Brand Wise, a branding/marketing/research company who hosts RedLetterDay, a conference about marketing to women. Why Women? Because women control 85% of consumer purchases. Bam.

Dr. Candace Warner is our next speaker. If the title wasn’t impressive enough, she’s also the founder of People3 Inc. People3 specializes in training and consulting services that improve the people relationships within organizations. They focus on all things related to diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency. Another perfect speaker for JumpCon and advocate for women in the workplace.

Founder of Girls To The Moon, president of American Marketing Association – Nashville, and director at Pathway Women’s Business Center, Courtenay Rogers, is another girl boss we’ve brought on to join the panel. At Pathway, she works to provide a forum for training, education, and peer learning that supports accelerates the growth of women-owned businesses. Oh, we almost forgot to mention that Courtenay is also a former Marine and ran for office.

Last but definitely not least is the founder of Factor8 and #GirlsClub, Lauren Bailey. She was inspired by her ~20 years launching and leading inside sales organizations around the world. Lauren noticed that she was often the only female face at the table and has been working to solve that problem ever since. Read more about Lauren Bailey, here.

See you at the panel?

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Read about Nuria Iturrios, another badass woman speaking at JumpCon. 




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