About YouNow

YouNow is a thriving platform that allows talented content creators to connect, explore and broadcast to a vast audience — all in real-time. With YouNow, everyone from DJs to gamers, YouTubers to Viners, can expand their social following, join a friendly community and uncover their creative potential.

The Opportunity

YouNow came to JumpCrew looking to increase brand awareness, attract more influencers to the platform, optimize and document workflows, and create targeted email campaigns to retain influencers most valuable to YouNow.

How We Helped YouNow

JumpCrew quickly learned YouNow’s business and content needs, then crafted a strategic plan.

  • Oered dedicated sales reps, a client success manager and operations support
  • Built out automation to optimize email outreach
  • Drove inbound marketing leads through Facebook and Instagram
  • Created a reporting dashboard to track inbound leads, conversions, sales rep activities and
    content production spend