Robert Henderson

CEO, JumpCrew


Digital Sales Transformation

Lost revenue is an industry-wide crisis. Consumers are ignoring ads with ad blockers, brand loyalty has declined, industry disruption is the norm, and the sales and digital marketing knowledge gap is increasing.

Companies have to foster an “easy-to-buy” sales process that lends to human connection even while lead sourcing is becoming more automated.

The companies that succeed in this are the companies that not only use tech to find these buyers but also those that integrate human interaction into this process.

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What you'll learn

This white paper addresses key elements to a successful digital sales transformation, including:

Defining Digital Sales Transformation

We put our flag in the ground to define digital sales transformation—the intro to this white paper was featured on Forbes.com.

Hiring & staffing an internal sales team

JumpCrew hired 100 people in 100 days and recounted our process, learnings, wins, and loses.

Commissions & Growth Plans

JumpCrew outlines the importance of commission and growth plans for building a sales team.

Sales Tools

We list the types of sales tools you need and why, along with the ones we’ve chosen.

Case Studies

The white paper features three client case studies that demonstrate ways we’ve helped clients use sales or digital marketing to increase sales.

Survey Stats

JumpCrew surveyed 1,500 sales professionals to get a sense of what things are important to be successful in modern sales.

case studies



After selling their first venture, Co-founders Robert Henderson and David Pachter had time to reflect. They knew a couple of things: The social media marketing product from their first company was the real MVP, and sales was their calling.



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MyBaseGuide services over 75% of all domestic U.S. military installations as one of the largest publishers of print and digital military base guides, telephone directories, and maps.


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In less than 3 years, our formula has helped us grow from 2 people to 400+ people who work across 5 states in 6 offices.

The velocity at which JumpCrew moves is a result of the dependability, diversity, and grit that we embody. We hire challengers who embrace our growth culture and have the courage to be held accountable and grow with JumpCrew. We strive to embrace the intrinsic motivation that comes from being part of a great team. The passion of JumpCrew comes from within. One diverse team, embracing our philosophy to create velocity. Moving forward is the only option.

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