Do’s and Don’t’s of Outsourced Sales –
Onshore vs Offshore

Today, more and more companies are transitioning to an outsourced sales approach. See if this sounds like you: you need to hire and train a dedicated sales team, but you don’t have the time, expense, or training capacity to get it done. You need to generate more leads but aren’t sure where to start. Or perhaps, you are looking to build upon the successes your sales team has already accomplished. Like so many other companies, it might be time to include an outsourced sales team in your business.

Today, more and more industry leaders are incorporating an outsourced approach to their sales teams. Outsourcing is a viable and proven option to gain revenue, generate leads, and save costs. However, the outsourcing process isn’t cut-and-dry. Many businesses are unsure if an onshore or offshore approach is best when outsourcing their sales teams. If this sounds like you, don’t worry – the experts at JumpCrew are here to walk you through the differences between an onshore or offshore sales team, so you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.


What is the difference between offshore and onshore sales?

To put it simply, offshoring is the process of moving business overseas. Some of the benefits of offshoring include tax exemptions and the opportunity to expand businesses into another country or territory. By moving offshore, businesses can cut costs effectively because they are likely operating out of countries with a lower cost of living.  

Onshoring is the opposite approach – keeping your business processes confined within your own country. Some of the benefits of onshoring include stimulating the economy within your own country, clear communication with your business partners, and fewer barriers that may inhibit customer service or satisfaction, such as time zone differences.


Which approach is right for your business?

While offshoring is a rather traditional approach to outsourcing sales, the long-term benefits of an onshore outsourced sales team outweigh the cost-cutting that comes with offshoring. 

Let’s break it down – an onshore sales team allows you to engage in a genuine partnership that has the potential to bring innumerable benefits to your business. At JumpCrew, our sales team comes equipped with the processes, systems, and infrastructure in place to assemble a successful sales team, getting you results sooner than if you were to set up your own sales department. 

JumpCrew also knows that the quickest way to drive results is by integrating sales and marketing, which is what makes JumpCrew stand out as an onshore sales team. By coordinating with our in-house digital marketing experts, we’re better able to attract, nurture and convert new customers across multiple channels and touchpoints. And that’s more important than ever.

At JumpCrew, and with onshore sales teams in general, you will feel like your outsourced sales team is a genuine, dedicated piece of your business’ overall puzzle. Onshore teams allow for more connections, collaboration, and involvement – and a better understanding of all aspects of your business. 

Some might argue that cost-cutting makes offshoring your sales team more worthwhile than finding an onshore outsourced sales team. The experts at JumpCrew know that keeping your outsourced sales team onshore will lead to connections to seal the deal over and over again — whether that’s generating leads, setting appointments, or driving revenue – and that in itself is a spectacular return on investment.


Are you ready to outsource your sales team?

A partnership with an onshore outsourced sales team is a surefire way to boost current business and create new revenue streams faster and more efficiently than you could from scratch. By aligning your sales and marketing teams, you can feel certain that everyone is working towards the same goals, and therefore accomplish those goals in less time. 

If this sounds like something you want to explore, contact JumpCrew today. Our qualified experts can talk you through the benefits of an onshore sales team, and help you find an outsourced sales solution that is right for you and your business.