Put your best foot forward by executing a seamless email strategy.

Discover how JumpCrew builds brand recognition in your inbox with carefully crafted subject lines, pre-headers and CTAs.
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Email Marketing

We’re there from development to deployment.

JumpCrew’s email marketing services nurture leads, help you gain more information about potential customers and get sales.

Our approach goes beyond traditional lead nurturing.

We develop a custom email marketing strategy, pairing exceptional copy and design for the most dynamic email campaigns.

Our Preferred Providers

It’s estimated that email marketing returns an average of $42 for every $1 spent.

How we captivate, compel and convert

Audit & Discovery

We audit your current email marketing strategy to identify what’s working — and what we can improve.


We build automated email marketing campaigns that target your ideal buyer personas by focusing on the buyer’s journey.

Concepts & Design

We collaborate with your team to determine your brand voice and tone, and identify the best design style and headline types.


We use A/B testing to determine top-performing subject lines and content, and ensure emails are mobile optimized.

Targeting & Launch

We handle every detail, from targeting data to uploading creative assets and scheduling — all according to distribution best practices.


We collect ongoing data and create reports to inform future campaign strategies and make adjustments where necessary.
Automated drip campaigns allow you to easily nurture leads and can increase long-term brand engagement by up to 33%.

We use email to build, grow and engage your customers.

Awareness Pro

Leveraging automation, Awareness Pro builds brand awareness through email campaigns that send the right message, to the right people at the right time. It also helps us identify your ideal audience and, ultimately, broaden your lead funnel.

Acquisition Pro

Acquisition Pro lets you send an automated series of emails to an early-stage lead, so you can nurture, pre-qualify and profile your ideal buyer. Segmented by industry and ideal buyer, Acquisition Pro allows us to acquire leads and analyze engagement in real time.

Traditional Email

We use traditional email to engage your audience, build brand loyalty and nurture leads through newsletters, sales promotions, exclusive offers and more. Email remains one of the most widely trusted and cost-effective forms of digital marketing.