Paid Search

Achieve the reach and recognition you deserve.

With paid search, JumpCrew matches potential customers with ads for your products or services.

Our paid search process is designed for your success.

Tech-Based Audit

Using proprietary software, we crawl your Google and Bing ads, finding opportunities for better paid search performance.

Machine Learning Optimizations & Management

Bid management optimization lets us adjust campaigns in real-time, adapting and capitalizing on changes in the market.

Rigorous Testing

Behind the scenes, we test your ad copy, landing pages, creative assets and ad extensions to ensure they perform effectively.

Advanced Tactics

You don’t have time to master Google Ads, but we do. We use real-time bidding algorithms, working constantly, to deliver excellent ROI.

Actionable Reports & Insights

Our team of paid search experts create compelling, transparent reports to keep you informed about your site’s performance.

Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads.

The benefits of paid search for your business

Granular Targeting

We create ads for people who search for specific keywords and leverage your KPIs so we can achieve your goals. This includes optimizing cost per click (CPC), cost per impression (CPM), clickthrough rate (CTR) and add to cart (ATC).

Budget Optimization

We understand you have a budget you need to stay within. We set a maximum budget based on your KPIs  and always set a daily budget, so you don’t spend more than you planned. 

Measurable ROI

We make it easy to track ad spend and revenue by recording metrics like CPC and cost per acquisition (CPA), so we know where potential customers are dropping off.
More than 64% of people click on Google ads when looking to buy an item online.

Target the right audience, at the right time with paid search marketing.

You need messaging that converts. Let us maximize your digital campaigns. 

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