What Makes JumpCrew?

At JumpCrew we believe deeply in culture. In less than 3 years, our formula has helped us grow from 2 people to 400+ people who work across 5 states in 6 offices.

Our Formula

Dependability + Diversity + Grit = Growth

The velocity at which JumpCrew moves is a result of the dependability, diversity, and grit that we embody. We hire challengers who embrace our growth culture and have the courage to be held accountable and grow with JumpCrew. We strive to embrace the intrinsic motivation that comes from being part of a great team. The passion of JumpCrew comes from within. One diverse team, embracing our philosophy to create velocity. Moving forward is the only option.

Our values -

We pulled some interesting stats on tenure at JumpCrew. JumpCrew was founded in September of 2016, making the company almost three and a half years old. As of today, we have 12 people who have been with the company for over three years, 20 who have been here over two years, and 102 who have surpassed the one year mark. Besides the booming culture and workforce, we do fun things like happy hours, axe throwing, throwing a conference, canoeing, fun sales incentives, and activities like the “P.A.G.E awards” to showcase JumpCrew employees.

Passion &

We are passionate about our craft and the things we produce. We are Entrepredoers who are built to innovate. We are always positively engaged so that we can get done the things we said we were going to do for ourselves and our clients.

Attitude &

We show up with a positive attitude and ready to achieve the impossible. We celebrate our achievements and success knowing that every day we aim to make JumpCrew history. We find solutions to problems and understand that diversity of opinions, cultures, skill sets, and people give us an advantage in finding the best solutions.

Grit &

We believe in grit and celebrate resilience because we understand that learning to love being outside of your comfort zone is the only way to grow. We have a growth mindset, we don’t give up, and we’re thankful for our family, friends, and coworkers. We are dependable and thankful that we get to come to work and push our limits so that we can continue to be successful.

Empathy &

Empathy allows us to be true to ourselves, our teams, and our clients. It builds trust, incredible culture, and allows us to candidly express our opinions. We know that the best way to serve our clients and crew is being able to listen and put ourselves in their shoes. Transparency and open communications are an integral part of our success and the key to truly understanding each other. We believe in education and learning because we must always cultivate our craft to grow.

We Are

Robert Henderson


David Pachter

Executive Chairman

Lavall Chichester



Eddie Moncayo

VP, Talent Acquisition


Kevin Kremke


Rob Solberg

SVP, Partnerships

Justin Gavin

SVP, Finance

Jodi Floyd

VP, Product

Joe Naggiar

VP, Business Development

Jennifer Hammers

VP, Sales & CS

Cassandra Wit

VP, Operations

Susan Purcell

VP, Human Resources

Adolfo Velazquez

VP & General Manager, AHRN

Tyler Shepard

VP, Target Marketing

Ernie Cote

VP, Sales, MBG & AHRN

Abbey Keane

Director, Client Success

Our Brands

JumpCrew Milestones

JumpCrew was founded
NOV 2016
Added pingpong table—skillfully built by Ellie, Elizabeth, and Kelly
MAR 2017
Start of Beer Friday—has continued every Friday since
SEPT 2017
Culture Crew Founded—created to organize company events
NOV 2017
First Annual Rita’s and Reviews for employee feedback
DEC 2017
Raised Series A Funding
MAR 2018
Volunteered to help Habitat for Humanity build a house
JUNE 2018
Tennessean 2018 Top Workplaces Winner
JULY 2018
JumpCrew employee/family picnic at the park
JULY 2018
Reached 200 Employees
SEPT 2018
Participated in the Breast Cancer Walk
OCT 2018
Products and Services Startup Winner at NEXT Awards 2018
NOV 2018
JumpCrew signs lease in the Gulch for additional office space
MAY 2019
Crunchbase 50 Hottest List
JUNE 2019
Included in Inc's 2020 Private Titans
SEPT 2016
Launched Sales & Marketing Acquisition Platform 2.0
FEB 2017
Our first kickball game
SEPT 2017
JumpCrew turns one!
NOV 2017
Launch Jump By Design Podcast
DEC 2017
Reached 100 Employees
FEB 2018
JumpCrew acquires AHRN
MAR 2018
Company canoe trip down the Harpeth
JUNE 2018
Crossed $10 Million in Sales
JULY 2018
JumpCrew acquires Target Marketing
AUG 2018
JumpCrew turns two!
OCT 2018
Participated in the Breast Cancer Walk
NOV 2018
JumpCrew acquires MARCOA Media
DEC 2018
Raised $7.3MM
JUNE 2019
Tennessean 2019 Top Workplaces Winner
March 2020

Where we are

JumpCrew HQ

501 Great Circle Rd
Nashville, TN 37228

JumpCrew NYC

148 Lafayette St Floor 3, New York, NY 10013


9955 Black Mountain Rd, San Diego, CA 92126

Target Marketing

7766 Ewing Blvd #200, Florence, KY 41042

JumpCrew CO

1200 17th St, 10th Floor, Denver, CO 80202

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