If you want to be ahead of the game in the marketing industry, email automation needs to be the backbone of your strategy. At its core, email automation empowers marketing and sales teams to serve the right prospect with the right content at the right time. If you aren’t using email automation in your marketing strategy, here are four reasons why it’s time to start.

Email automation personalizes each prospect’s buyer journey 

Email automation isn’t complicated–it’s just strategic. Utilizing automated email journeys allows marketers to strategically decide who is sent what and when. With strategic, personalized email journeys, you can send prospects an email based off of his/her level of intent in real-time. We can gauge the level of intent by the level of engagement with your content. And the way we segment engagement is through various criteria like open rate, click-through rate, link clicks, content downloads, etc

Email automation is efficient 

It says it in the title: it automates the process for you. There is less manual labor if the email is automatically sent. And even better, it’s sent after the criteria level is reached–the most common criteria being email open. Once you define your criteria and identify the logic of how and when you want your emails to send, your email automation platform does the hard work for you.

Email automation segments your audience

Email automation lets you track your prospects’ level of intent in real-time. This allows for better segmentation, and in turn, better messaging. Segmenting your audience based on where they are in the marketing funnel informs your decision on which to content to provide. For example, if a prospect has no previous interaction with your brand, you need to send them top-of-funnel content like blogs and infographics. These content pieces are easily digestible and establish your company’s brand while providing value to the prospect. If a prospect has high engagement, they may expect more elaborate content like a white paper or even product/service offering details (if they’re at the very bottom of the marketing funnel).

Email automation aligns your sales and marketing touches

If you truly want a unified message communicated to your prospects, your marketing and sales strategies need to align. Before email automation, this wasn’t the easiest task–but marketing automation makes it possible. An automated email journey provides a roadmap for the right prospect to receive the right content and message at the right time. Automated email journeys provide an easy way to integrate sales touches within email cadence. In other words, it allows warm conversations to be had with sales reps and your prospects a chance to conveniently ask to speak with a representative. This is key in the ever-growing world of account-based marketing. 

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