Transcript of Audio: JumpCrew Sales MVPs: App Activation Live Call

P: Hello, this is Patrick.
M: Hey, Patrick. This is Molly. Are you the one who signed up for the 14-day trial?
P: Yeah, that’s me.
M: Okay, awesome. Well, I just wanted to give you a quick courtesy call just to see if you had any questions for me, or if I could walk you through any part of the platform.
P: One second. I’m talking to you through my watch, which is very Dick Tracy of me, but I don’t like it. Hold on.
M: Okay, no problem.
P: Hello?
M: Yeah, I am here.
P: I’m very excited about it. Do I have any questions? I just barely started setting up my keyword and my welcome message.
M: Okay, perfect. What are you looking to use the platform for?
P: I’m a manufacturer, and I want to communicate with my retailers, sending them product announcements, in-stock announcements, so letting them know when they can re-buy. That’s the main use.
M: Okay, gotcha. Do you have a list of those phone numbers that you’re going to want to import, or are you going to have people opt-in for the most part?
P: I have a list of …
M: Okay, perfect. Well, so the trial is a bit limited, I know. Once you create your keyword, you can play around with it and send out some test messages. But you can only import individual numbers on the trial, so a lot of people will put their own phone number in there or some coworkers or family and play around with it. But once you do upgrade to a paid plan, you’ll be able to import that whole list of numbers, and can just start texting everyone right away, so they don’t have to worry about opting in or anything like that.
P: Yeah. I signed up for the trial just to poke around the UI and
feel confident if I wanted to use your platform versus any others.
P: The smallest plan is, what, a thousand? Is that correct?
M: Right. That is our bronze plan. It comes with $29 … Excuse me. It’s $29
for a thousand messages. But we are actually running a promotion
right now. We’ve had quite a bit of people signing up lately, just to be
able to communicate with employees and customers during this
crazy time. So we do have this promotion going on for
5,000 bonus messages. So you would be able to actually get 6,000
messages total just for that $29. So that’ll give you-
P: Per month?
M: Yeah. The 5,000 bonus messages are just a one-time offer, but they
will roll over if you don’t use them all at first. So if you wanted to send
out a text just letting everyone know about voting, and then maybe
send another one with a link or a survey or something like
that where they can actually just click on it and go vote for you, or use
those extra messages, then you do have those available with the
P: Cool. How do I get the promotion?
M: You can just let me know-
P: Just sign up?
M: Yeah. Once you sign up, I’ll be able to go into your account and add
them for you when I see a payment come through. You can either text
me or give me a call back once you do upgrade, this is my direct line,
and I’ll be able to add those for you right away.
P: Sweet. Well, I’ll upgrade today.

Molly: Yeah. Actually, once you do upgrade … Or I can just go ahead and send
it now. Just an email with instructions on how to import your list, and
just some other info recapping the platform, just so you have that for
your records.
P: Great. Yeah, I’ll sign up today. I want to get these messages out.
M: Perfect. Well, let me know if you have any questions. Again,
this is my direct line. I’d be happy to help
you with anything.
Patrick: Sweet. Nice to meet you, Molly. Thank you so much.
Molly: You too. Thanks, Patrick. Have a good one.
Patrick: Have a good one. Bye.
Molly: Thanks. Bye-bye.