Whatever you know about SEO, Rand Fishkin is likely the one who said it first. Rand was first notable in the world of digital marketing through his groundbreaking SEO software company, MOZ. Lately, he launched SparkToro, an audience intelligence and market research company, then published Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide To The Startup World.

“Rand Fishkin is one of the reasons many SEO professionals (myself included) have careers. Rand created resources to help us learn SEO and digital marketing. Now many of us have grown from SEO practitioners into other roles like CEOs, founders, and CMOs, in my case.”

-Lavall Chichester

JumpCon 2019

At JumpCon, Rand Fishkin mainly covered evolving web use and Google’s algorithm. Here are the top snippets from his presentation:

  1. Both mobile and desktop are still big; don’t ignore either.
  2. Considering a big investment in voice answer SEO? It’s probably too early; other tactics will likely have better ROI.
  3. Web-based video, podcasts, and websites all continue to be excellent investments… mobile not so much.
  4. Paid CTR has risen but (if history’s a guide) will slowly decline until Google’s next visual SERP change.
  5. Organic CTR is still high, but those who can benefit from answering zero-click purchases will be a step ahead.
  6. The 2020 Democratic primary and US General Election will have a major impact on Google’s future.
  7. Establishing your site as an authority and earning links from existing authorities could have immense ranking benefits.
  8. Improving content accuracy (up-to-date, comprehensive, correct) may boost rankings and earn future snippets.
  9. Being at the cutting edge of your topic could adversely affect rankings if your info doesn’t match the authoritative consensus.

Rand Fishkin At JumpCon

Rand’s takeaways are even more valuable with context. Watch the video below of Rand Fishkin speaking at JumpCon. His slides are available here if you want to follow along with the deck.

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