The way companies sell products and services has changed, especially in the B2B space. What was once a basic step-by-step process has become a tech-rich operation that dives into buyer profiles, social influences, and data. Outsourcing sales will help to leapfrog operational constraints. With a sales outsourcing authority like JumpCrew, you get far more expertise and efficiency than you would by hiring and training third-party sales consultants. Outsourced sales services are fully managed and include multiple layers of sales enablement and support:

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When it comes to sales, people are your strongest asset—ours too. All of the outsourced team’s attention and effort is focused on the specific activities for which they were hired. This hyper-focus on specific stages in the sales process, or on the sales cycle in its entirety, leads to a more deliberately built pipeline which in turn increases revenue. With an outsourced sales team, you get experienced sales reps for your industry. Expertise leads to confidence, which leads to the trust of prospect, which leads to sales.

Seasoned salespeople create a sense of urgency. They are prepared for anything and are genuinely interested in the customer. They love to sell.
A sales team from a high quality provider will highlight their dedication. They will inhabit a culture that celebrates success and integrates motivators into its standard operating procedure. Notably, JumpCrew was voted a Top Place To Work in Nashville several years in a row. With skill and technology all being the same, the most reliable difference between consistent top performers and average sellers is attitude. When you outsource effectively, you get sales reps who are experts with state-of-the-art data and technology environments, and personalities to match.

tech stack

Tech Stack

Technology has extended the potential reach of sales teams, as well as influenced the way management and sellers interact. Getting the most value out of your sales tools requires more than a financial investment. You need sales professionals with the expertise to leverage these tools, and know how to use them to their full advantage. When deployed and adopted properly, technology improves productivity and profitability, it doesn’t bog anyone down.

You will gain access to your outsourced partner’s analytics tools, providing deeper insight into your customers’ current and future expectations. Sales technology tools are continually evolving, so you’ll want to align your company with a sales provider who keeps pace with rapid changes.



Your sales service provider will manage the sales team for you, overseeing day-to-day operations and helping optimize the performance of individual sales reps.
Instead of the burden of managing your sales team, you have direct access to a customer success manager, who acts as the liaison to the sales team. You speak to the same person, dedicated to you, who understands your history and goals, and who manages the partnership.

Outsourced sales suppliers offer a full-service sales operation meant to align with your business objectives so that your sales funnel yields maximum returns over the span of your customer engagement.


Your outsourced sales provider brings more than advanced sales strategies and customer insights. You also benefit from their proficiency in creating laser-focused deliverables, lead generation strategies, and experience in opening new markets.
As digital marketing channels abound, collaborating with an expert in lead generation strategies can cut down on time spent on trial-and-error and accelerate results.

recruiting and hiring

Recruiting and Hiring

Your sales outsourcer has already invested in the infrastructure and recruited, interviewed, hired, and trained the team. You get the benefits of a dedicated sales team while saving the time and expense of hiring, training, and managing one.
Your partner has gotten the reps all up-to-speed on the latest software and made sure the equipment is compatible. The partner manages available hours and takes care of payroll. When a sales rep leaves, your sales outsourcer spends the time and expense to replace and train a new one.

sales equipment


With an internal sales team, your business is responsible for workstations, computers, additional internet capacity, phone lines, and software. Your sales outsourcing partner has all of that already set up.
If you use a CRM platform such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, InfusionSoft, or Zaius, JumpCrew can integrate with your existing system. If you’re not actively using CRM software, we can help you launch and optimize one for your business.

A sales outsourcer can also help optimize your analytics and get your business started with a CRO tool such as Optimizely, Unbounce, VWO, Google Analytics, or Instapages.

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Digital media has disrupted how information is made, distributed, and consumed. Everything from prospecting to presenting to closing has changed.
Selling in the digital age means understanding the available digital tools and technologies. Optimizing results requires more than communication skills and dedication. Sales reps must also be tech-savvy.

Your outsourcing partner is all sales and marketing, all the time. Your partner understands the importance of researching your product and service to provide real expertise and the urgency of responding to leads and inquiries immediately. Seventy-four percent of buyers work with the salesperson who was the first to provide value and insight.

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Market and internal changes come rapidly and usually with little warning. Outsourcing to an effective sales partner increases your company’s agility.
An expert sales outsourcing provider understands that things change, and has best practices in place to navigate those changes quickly and with minimal program impact.

Outsource Sales vs. Internal Sales

(Cost Analysis)

We know that you can run an in-house sales team; that’s not the question. Deciding between in-house and outsourcing usually comes down to process and cost-efficiency. Because all of JumpCrew’s efforts go towards sales and marketing to support our partners, we’re an efficient machine. As seen in the chart below, it doesn’t make financial sense for companies to spend the time and money, or to take the risk required to build and run an in-house sales team.

JumpCrew Outsource Sales Pricing Graph

The chart focuses on monetary differences between in-house and outsourcing — the costs assume that everything goes as planned and that all things are equal. Second to cost is the unquantifiable effort it takes to build, run, and grow a sales team.

This post is part of a full-guide on sales outsourcing. If you’re interested in downloading the guide, click here.