Lavall Chichester spoke at JumpCon about his time at JumpCrew and the decisions he’s made as CMO to integrate the sales and marketing teams, i.e., the steps he’s taken towards digital sales transformation. To intertwine a storytelling element, as all good marketers do, Lavall related sales and marketing back to his favorite past time, being a black-belt in Karate.

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When Lavall arrived at JumpCrew, our sales and marketing teams weren’t exactly on the same page. It went a little something like this: Marketing complained that sales brought in bad deals, and in turn, sales complained that marketing couldn’t deliver. A classic case of misalignment. So, with a fresh take on digital sales transformation and a plethora of marketing and sales experience, Lavall began calibrating the departments to become one.

In this time he and the executive team began focusing on only doing deals that made sense for both parties. Instead of being deal-hungry and bringing on clients that didn’t make sense for JumpCrew, we fine-tuned our paid efforts, adjusted our outreach, and started bringing in deals that were good for everyone.

Lavall loves the word symbiotic. I want to go into noise cancellation mode with my new Airpods Pro every time he starts talking about nature and marketing, but the man does have a point (let’s hope he doesn’t read this). If the relationship is symbiotic, the client keeps coming back and JumpCrew keeps making the client money. It’s not as simple as just making them money. It has to fit. The resources we use to make them money, have to be at a price that JumpCrew also benefits. We struck product gold because we pushed through the misalignment.

Next, we kept doing what we said we were going to do (one of our first go-to company phrases). We marketed, we sold, we fought, and we celebrated—we refer to that as GRIT. Lavall came in as our first CMO and immediately orchestrated a JumpCrew re-vamp as well as hired for our new product offerings. We started doing for ourselves what we offer to our clients.

If you have questions on digital transformation or how to make more money via sales and marketing alignment. Ask Lavall yourself. Here’s his LinkedIn.

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