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With Satellite Sales

Growing your business isn’t easy. You need a partner ready to create the sales strategy, build the team, launch the tools, and stay agile along the way. Outsourcing sales through JumpCrew increases revenue at the bottom of the B2B funnel.

Learn How JumpCrew Connects You With More Customers

Over the past 15 years the way people buy has changed.

We live in a digital first world.


Yellow Pages
In-Person Meetings
Paper Contracts


Google Searches
Screen Shares
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Sales & Marketing have changed.

We were born into this new world.

JumpCrew uses an actionable, activity-driven, strategic sales process


We identify the best sales candidates to support your account. We function as an extension of your team—we’re your crew.


Our tried and true training and on boarding process ensures quick time to scale.


Our sales crew is activity driven and receives consistent feedback and continued training from sales leadership.


We’re always working to improve. Your Client Success Manager will report on performance weekly and we’ll work together to optimize our strategy that leads us to success.

What does JumpCrew offer?

JumpCrew uses Satellite Sales to acquire and connect with customers through their path to purchase.

Increase Sales

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We use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms to help our clients organize and understand their customer information and relationships.

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a proven tactic that helps increase sales without spending more money on paid advertising.

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Outsourced Sales

Clients outsource their sales operations to increase revenue. Our experienced team and proven sales process have helped clients generate millions.

Why You Need Satellite Sales From JumpCrew​

  • It's difficult and expensive to build an in-house sales team
  • You need to hit your KPIs today, not tomorrow
  • It’s Q3 and you need signed contracts in your inbox
  • You just raised money and you need to grow
  • You need experienced sales partners to build and evolve your play book
Build In House vs Outsource to a Partner Cost to Outsource w/ jumpcrew_sm_web_white_tiffblue.png Cost to Build In House
2 Dedicated Reps $6000
Outreach.io CRM $200
Hardware & Software $200
Prospect Lead Lists $300
Drip Email Marketing $1000
Recruiting & Hiring $5000
Rep Commissions $3000
Sales Manager $5000
Sales Director $9500​
Client Success Manager $3000
Training & Development $6500
Operational Support $6000
Benefits & Liability $1200
Monthly Total: $17000 $46900

Our team is your team

  • Turn key outsourced sales partners
  • Supported by Sales, Customer Success, Operations, and Data analysts
  • Fully dedicated to your business
  • Nashville based experts who live to sell
  • A team that cares

We work with the world's top brands.

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Learn How JumpCrew Connects You With More Customers